10 Most MYSTERIOUS Objects From The Past!

  • Published on:  6/2/2020
  • From mysterious tools that look like torture devices to suspicious headgear, here are ten weird items from the past!!

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    10. Ice Mask
    What the heck is this woman wearing?? It might seem like she donned the mask in order to become Ice-Woman, the great masked crusader, but it actually ended up being used for a far more down-to-earth purpose; curing hangovers.

    9. Metal Ring With Spikes
    So take a wild guess at what this is for! Looks kind of grotesque right? Like some sort of torture device? Or inappropriate item from medieval times?
    While you can hold this like a pair of scissors, it doesn’t look like this contraption can be used to cut paper. But those spikes are definitely used to some strange end. Could it have been a medical device? Or could it even have a more nefarious purpose?

    8. Suspicious Instrument
    At first glance, this looks kind of like an old hammer. But the claw at its end puts all of those theories to bed. How are you supposed to hold it? What was this thing meant to do?
    As it turns out, this device was referred to as a dental key, and it was used in dentistry practices throughout the 1900s in order to remove damaged and diseased teeth. While it may seem barbaric given our current practices, pulling teeth was preferred to other forms of dental surgery in those days because of the lack of antibiotics.

    7. The Cyclomer
    Don’t worry, this one isn’t medical. This one is less creepy. It actually seems kind of fun! It was some sort of bicycle. But other than that, it could be anyone’s guess. What are all these balls? Is the material around the wheels some kind of protective barrier? But then, why is it in so many places on the bike?

    6. Pointy Headgear
    Wow. What is this strange experiment in headgear?? Even if some of these items were useful, it’s hard to deny that this does not look like something you should be wearing. Anywhere. You might stab something or take someone out without even noticing!! Although now it might help you keep that 6 feet social distance...

    5. Mustache Shield
    Now who doesn’t want one of these?? Oh wait… I don’t think there is a high demand for this! It looks somewhat like a slingshot, but it’s actually meant for people with old-timey, long facial hair. This strange invention is the Mustache Shield, created by West Virginian Virgil A. Gates in 1876. While strange to look at, it was meant to help people with ample facial hair keep themselves clean while eating and drinking.

    4. Pocket Sundial
    This item is confoundingly simple in virtue of its intricacy. This thing looks like something that you might see in a magician’s toolbox. But there is only scientific magic to speak of here. And when another redditor went online to ask for some guidance, she was equally stumped. Any guesses?

    3. Camera Pigeons
    Now this might be obvious to some of you that this is some sort of camera, but why would there need to be that adhesive Velcro-like material on top. That’s because these items were fitted to… pigeons!
    It looks a little heavy for this tiny bird to carry, no?

    2. Everlasting Pill
    This object is a bit more easily identifiable, but its actual purpose is quite surprising.
    Clearly, this is some kind of pill or capsule. But it doesn’t look like it was made using any contemporary pill-coating material. That is because this pill was made from metallic antimony, which is a base metallic element. Why make a pill out of metal? Well, many people thought that antimony had effective bodily-cleansing properties.

    1. Zhang Heng’s Seismoscope
    This beautiful sculpture is actually history’s first earthquake detector, or seismoscope. (If you already knew what this was, then kudos!!) Hopefully you saw it in one of my other videos ;) If not be sure to check out Ancient Artifacts Ahead of Their Time after you finish this one!