FIRST SUSHI EXPERIENCE in Japan With John Daub From "Only in Japan"

  • Published on:  1/1/2019
  • I don't eat sushi, but I thought I'd give it a try since I've been to Japan a few times already. I met up with my friend John from "Only in Japan" so he can show me what sushi is all about. I have to say I liked the tuna a lot! With his help, I had a great and fun experience at Sushizanmai.
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    ✧ Sushizanmai Tsukijiekimae-ten

    Also, check out John's channel from ONLY in JAPAN:

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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  20 days ago+949

    Happy New Year Everyone!!! Also thanks soooo much for pushing this channel over the 2 Million sub mark before the end of the year :-) as much as I LOVE food, being able to share the experience with you all is what truly makes it special. Have a glorious food filled 2019!

  • 생맥주포도주
    생맥주포도주 10 hours ago

    This guy has nice body like jackie chan as his face similar to jackie chan

  • bobbybrainstorm
    bobbybrainstorm 15 hours ago

    Top ten crossovers

  • saga
    saga 17 hours ago

    I'm really glad you made this vid and gave sushi a proper try, even if you don't end up eating more in the future, it's always good to be open about foods ^_^

  • Sakura blablabla
    Sakura blablabla yesterday

    That's 1st one is not negi toro.. you eat one of most delicious one first 😭 i always eat that before Uni then last is ootoro. Lol. My advice to everyone who will go here in japan and eat UNI, NEVER EAT UNI THAT IS A LITTLE COOKED IT TASTE LIKE THE SMELL OF POOP! JUST EAT IT FRESH!!

  • Skygame 476
    Skygame 476 2 days ago

    Bruce Banner

  • vickyrecalls
    vickyrecalls 2 days ago

    This was treat to watch 2 legends together

  • The Husky Lynx
    The Husky Lynx 2 days ago

    8:55 what’s wrong with eating the whole shrimp? I mean I do it

  • JordanIsCool
    JordanIsCool 3 days ago

    ALL i need is a full plate of magoro AND IM GOOD

  • melona
    melona 3 days ago

    the eel you had in korea was crunchy because it was a completely different type of eel, ive had both in japan and korea so i would know

  • Ikatorix Studios
    Ikatorix Studios 3 days ago

    his guide watched anime as a child

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 3 days ago

    You didn't eat salmon!!!! ahhhh that is the absolute best. If you liked the toro maguro (fatty tuna) you will LOVE toro salmon (fatty salmon). TRY THE SALMON!!!!!

  • Lyxiem Blind
    Lyxiem Blind 3 days ago

    When I hear the words fatty tuna I'm like conditioned to think of Haruhi from OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB

  • Macchiato2398
    Macchiato2398 4 days ago

    Ugh I hate you you always make me soooo hungry. Usually when it's midnight. When I'm really starving. And when I can't travel to Japan because I'm broke. 😂 Great content though for me to torture myself with, keep it up! 👌

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 4 days ago

    you really gotta admire how the japanese really take time to appreciate the natural flavors of things. rather than adding a bunch of stuff to combine different flavors.

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 4 days ago

    now i hear in japan, the Nagiri sushi is more popular than the sushi roll.

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 4 days ago

    what? my mouth isn't watering... yours is!

  • Yuuna Akiko
    Yuuna Akiko 4 days ago


  • david sanders
    david sanders 4 days ago

    Worst video to date!

  • Mariah Ali
    Mariah Ali 5 days ago

    Loved this collab 💜