2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka's final win | ESPN



  • samantha gimenez
    samantha gimenez 2 hours ago+1

    *honey your job is to play tennis*
    *not to be a*
    *_”wOmAnS rIgHtS aCtiViSt”_*

  • shroomingnewman 3
    shroomingnewman 3 2 hours ago+1

    ugly tranny

  • Michael C Crede
    Michael C Crede 3 hours ago

    Her and Lebron James always getting mad when the game works against their "greatness"

  • Worldwide Genocide
    Worldwide Genocide 7 hours ago+1

    big dumb babboon bitch

  • Jacob Palos
    Jacob Palos 7 hours ago+1

    God the grunting is annoying and hell yeah to Osaka she played super well

  • StoryBugg
    StoryBugg 7 hours ago+1

    *addressing how Serena is acting like a child but- her grunts scare me tbh*

  • Amelia Brown
    Amelia Brown 7 hours ago

    I f***ing 💕💕💕💕💕Serena they kept fkng with the greatest thus made her blow a gasket....

  • Jason Nordyke
    Jason Nordyke 8 hours ago

    i want to applaud the female announcer, while the male announcer tucked his D between his legs afraid to call what we all just saw she stood up and called it like it was. that referee has nothing to apologize for. her coach admitted he coached wtf how is the ref in the wrong. whats more terrible than serenas behavior is the caption by espn at the top, the match will be remember for the exchange between her and the umpire. shame.

  • Lucas Dávila
    Lucas Dávila 10 hours ago+1

    Black Monkey Thinks ITS A Women

  • Jamaican Egyptian

    Common & Drake fucked up big time, and let a Queen get taken.

  • Valorene
    Valorene yesterday+1

    I've seen five year-olds with more collected emotions than her.

  • Ash
    Ash yesterday+2

    uh oh the ape is going into primal rage!

  • Thomas Lowes
    Thomas Lowes yesterday

    Until you become a professional tennis player, put in the hard work, dedication for years of your life, then you can have an opinion about her emotional meltdown. Until then your opinion doesn’t matter.

  • LoverOfQueenAndBeaver

    That she-gorilla has no class.

  • TheReal Mexican
    TheReal Mexican 2 days ago

    Biggest fucking loser in history. The game should've been ended and Serena escorted out.

  • Mongo Goof
    Mongo Goof 3 days ago

    I thought sw was a man this whole time playing a girl never watched tennis till this was trending

  • karla marro
    karla marro 3 days ago

    Suck it up Serena

  • Impulsive Wandering

    i felt sorry for her until she made it a "men vs. woman" issue.. that changed my whole view for her to pull that card. she's just a sore loser.

  • Praying Mantis
    Praying Mantis 3 days ago

    You mean you're not allowed to threaten to kill line judges and call chair umpires thieves.

  • rhizomeman
    rhizomeman 4 days ago

    2:47 Serena "I didn't get coaching"
    12:52 Serena's coach "Well, I mean, I'm honest. I was coaching"