2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka's final win | ESPN



  • Ros Lee 4 months ago

    This is mainly confusing because I don’t know how tennis works

  • Helen Ivanic 3 hours ago

    First offence: warning2nd offence: point penalty3rd or more: game penalty.Should check out what she did at the US Open 2009 SF against Clijsters.

  • Malicious 10 hours ago

    Tennis is for fags

  • Dimmysimmy123 5 months ago

    Her coach said later in an interview that he was coaching

  • Walter Mitte 4 days ago

    Stupid ass coach. He should've been the one to get a warning, not Serena. I think Serena would've been A-OK for him to have even been removed from the stadium in order for her not to have lost a point and then the game. This was a terrible situation, and she clearly didn't respond in a great way. She had a meltdown. Like every single one of us has.

  • Walfredo 6 days ago

    @danny caskey fkin clown

  • John Smithee 5 months ago

    If Serena's opponent was white, just imagine how many times she would've used the race card to put the umpire down.

  • Steve Ocean 2 days ago

    @Fat people deserve cake speaking on issues you know nothing about. you said it yourself you don't live in the US nor are you black. So you would have zero experience with black issues in america. Either you're blind or dont want to accept the shit world we live in man.

  • esize 5 days ago

    I don't mean to be rude, but correct me if I'm wrong, I'm an american English learner and some times is confusing for me, but"If Serena's opponent had been white, she would've used the race card"(If we change the past, what would happen?)"If Serena's opponent were white, she would use the race card"(If we change the present, what would happen?)I think that's the correct american English grammar form, right??

  • tzimarasmusic 5 months ago

    "Say it...say your sorry" wow..talk about self entitlement.

  • Clown Afra 4 days ago

    @psychogarrett47 Serena was hated by the white fans. Calling her and Venus monkeys and saying the sound like animals, saying they were men. They watched to see them lose. Nike makes Serena rich not white people. White people's history is copying others successes and calling them there own, so when you can't beat us, you copy us.

  • Ashley Silva 4 days ago

    @Sweet Pea Can't control herself. No impulse control. That's how she is.

  • PYM JBZ 10 months ago

    How the ref can be a sexist while both sides of the match are female?

  • Owen Brinker an hour ago

    Acme Inc. I totally agree

  • Aaron Smith an hour ago

    @hopp I don't really see how. In fact, tennis is one of the only sports that makes men work longer for the same amount of money. What happened to equal work for equal pay? If it were the other way around, you would be crying afoul about that too. It's hypocritical.And no, she has no point. The only thing I would concede is that women are, in general, more well behaved than men and not because they had to be but because, especially at the ages at which these young adults play tennis, women are mo...

  • Cameron Dominguez 4 months ago

    Serena: DoN't TaLk To Me*Seconds later*Serena: YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGYWut

  • Juanita Stew 11 hours ago

    The fact that she abused the women's movement to accomplish this childish ego issue is really disgusting.

  • Juanita Stew 11 hours ago

    @Sean Khu she needed a bigger story than her bad blood former hitting partner crushing her at the US open after destroying her in Miami.

  • Rose Ukin 5 months ago

    Who else is here after Naomi Osaka won the Australian open ?

  • Jared Jernigan 5 days ago

    Duxitisation B well I hope ur nowhere near a tv later today 😂

  • PBS Funding Addict 8 days ago

    I’m glad Osaka won that game! Serena was such a jerk to everybody who was doing their job and everybody watching! Her cocky, protesting behavior cost her a chance to win!

  • Kivencito 4 months ago

    Those were not Osaka's tears of joy... what a disgrace that all this happened to her....

  • PBS Funding Addict 8 days ago

    Kivencito and Mark Steven In the words of Rudy the fox from Pecola, “That’s what I was gonna say!”

  • Mark Steven 10 days ago

    Poor Osaka had to deal with an entitled CUNT like Serena

  • Luka Aiken 5 months ago

    I understand where Serena was coming from, but she took it too far and had no right to continue the argument. She also had no right to ruin Osaka’s great win.

  • Alyssa W 3 hours ago

    She didn't ruin it, the crowd did

  • fjoolololol 2 days ago

    @Cow Playz No I'm not. Thank you for your inaccurate representation.

  • Boris Bornakiss 7 months ago

    legend says that William's still waiting for the apology

  • PBS Funding Addict 8 days ago

    Boris Bornakiss She not getting an apology! Ramos and Osaka need an apology!

  • Kieyn B 1 months ago