Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut



  • Angie Scotting
    Angie Scotting an hour ago


  • billago
    billago yesterday+1

    I thought it was amazon echo

  • ashley elena
    ashley elena 2 days ago+1

    alexa! *lights up*
    Guess who the couples are
    Alexa- sorry, i dont that one.

  • Crazed Unicorn
    Crazed Unicorn 2 days ago+2

    "So you got one out of five"
    My teacher explaining my grade

  • any armys here ?
    any armys here ? 3 days ago

    that one girl with the green dress skirt thing said i love you in a weird way and the guy with his hat on stupidly over his eyebrows they looked like awkward people so i guessed they’d be together

  • Cristine May Arroyo

    The asian guy is so cüte

  • Dianna Me
    Dianna Me 4 days ago

    Another please lol

  • Truth Talk
    Truth Talk 4 days ago+1

    I dont gwt why she didnt put two girls togethwr and two boys!! I would have!

  • i have too many email accounts

    how are her arms connected to her shoulders

  • lol hi
    lol hi 7 days ago

    what if they were gay-

  • Shadow Night
    Shadow Night 7 days ago

    OooI'm p

  • Hannah Wetley
    Hannah Wetley 8 days ago

    The last guy has a baby face lol

  • Squishy Lover
    Squishy Lover 9 days ago

    The couple she guessed right are so cute together

  • Denzel Hines
    Denzel Hines 9 days ago

    That tall guy has the worst outfit ever

  • Bree Bee
    Bree Bee 11 days ago

    wait what if one of them were gay and she pared the gay guy with a girl....

  • woodly45
    woodly45 12 days ago

    How do I sign up for this lol

  • Daddy_ Marx
    Daddy_ Marx 13 days ago

    I thought it was amazon's alexa

  • Serina415f McDonald
    Serina415f McDonald 13 days ago

    What if they were gay
    Not trying to be rude

  • Emily Someone
    Emily Someone 13 days ago

    Image telling someone you love them while your partner stands behind you

  • bands_4life 36
    bands_4life 36 13 days ago

    You could tell the girl in the dress with the really tall boyfriend that they are together if you saw his face when she had her and another dude say I love you