Billie Eilish SPILLS On First Date w/ BF Matthew Tyler Vorce! | Hollywire

  • Published on:  5/5/2021
  • Did Billie Eilish just CONFIRM that she’s officially dating her rumored boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce? Billie just mentioned in a video with British Vogue that she went on a date for the "First time" the day before this interview which was likely recently shot. In the video, famous fans ask Billie questions -- we get this info almost two minutes into British Vogue’s YouTube video when 19-year-old Billie is asked to share the last time she did something for the first time. And Bille responds with, "Yikes. The answer is really explicit, so I'm not going to answer with that...I went on a date for the first time yesterday, so there you go." Billie implied that something more than a first date recently happened, as she said “there are things” she could say, but they’re “just for in here” she said pointing to her head.

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