Quavo Sends Shots at Joe Budden On New Track

  • Published on:  12/7/2017
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  • viva1amota
    viva1amota 2 months ago

    Joe budden probably knock up cardi B

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 4 months ago

    Migos need to jump Joe Budden

  • MoeSo Natural
    MoeSo Natural 8 months ago

    Literally don’t know any of their music for real... I can look at them and tell their music is mumble trash. Joe Budden seems to have grown a lot with his girl and new baby.... kudos to him. And sad for Peter Gunz. I hope he walks away from abusing these women

  • Code _V_83
    Code _V_83 8 months ago

    Peter Gunz look like a lex Luthor

  • Chaos Miner
    Chaos Miner 9 months ago

    Eminem album wack af

  • Chaos Miner
    Chaos Miner 9 months ago

    "He called him vagina that rhymes with wussy" censorship is so fuckin corny I swear to god

  • Don A
    Don A 9 months ago

    Quavo and Migos are trash. Idc what brainwashed fools think.

  • Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu 9 months ago

    Lyrical Venom🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂 I know he was sarcastic on that one The Three Amigos are garbage anybody listen that shit don't know Hip Hop.

  • Bolo Young
    Bolo Young 9 months ago

    Lord Quavious

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 9 months ago

    they don't want it with joe

    THEYDONTKNOWYAH 9 months ago

    To all you JOE BUTTONS out there hatin on Joe Buddens!!!! cuz he telling the TRUTH!!!!!! MIGOS is GARBITCH!!!!!

    BRITTNEY CRUMP 9 months ago+1

    He said "lyrical Venom" i like the Migos BUT lyrically not one is touching him.

  • Timothy Hargrave
    Timothy Hargrave 9 months ago

    😂😂 Charlemagne a fool. “Well what the hell wrong wit me? I enjoyed it” 😭😭

  • Mr Bounce Out wit dat 44

    Quavias respect yo elders man🙄

  • king ofhomes
    king ofhomes 9 months ago

    bro if you cant rap dont go at joe lmao

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 9 months ago

    Joe weigh more than all three .

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 9 months ago

    I don’t See the big deal, line wasn’t even Hard lol.

  • VaughnLove7
    VaughnLove7 9 months ago

    I jus dropped my 1st music video on my page a few days ago and I need some feedback❗️🙏🏽 https://www.201tube.com/video/I1z5H44N4dA/video.html (I'm from Philly btw)

  • Moses Small
    Moses Small 9 months ago

    This beef is half baked.