Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - Pets



  • ExplosmEntertainment
    ExplosmEntertainment  3 months ago+361

    HEY WHILE YOU'RE HERE, go follow the creators of Cyanide & Happiness on Twitter!

  • beter griffin
    beter griffin 3 months ago+1305

    The dog is hacking. Gun had no recoil and unlimited ammunition. Reported to the admins.

  • UnKnown Awp
    UnKnown Awp 3 months ago+909

    Murdered by a dog then it fcks your girl friend

  • Hammer Addiction4u
    Hammer Addiction4u 3 months ago+2023

    My dog is the most lovable thing in the world until I take away his squeaky toy

  • Ivana C
    Ivana C 3 months ago+2073

    When cyanide and happiness posts, it indicates that I should be asleep

  • Havoc Anaheim
    Havoc Anaheim 3 months ago+697

    I actually thought that last one was going to be light hearted then I remembered this is cyanide & happiness and I shouldn't expect that

  • cybercy taylor
    cybercy taylor 3 months ago+773

    I planted a small grape into a bigger one
    Then it gave birth

  • obsession with mel
    obsession with mel 3 months ago+106

    The homeless guy kicked the dog with so much force 😂😂😂

  • Young Dre
    Young Dre 3 months ago+231

    From porn to switch ever

  • HeroOfTime123
    HeroOfTime123 3 months ago+267


  • Sad Man
    Sad Man 3 months ago+296

    Man’s greatest pet peeve is getting cucked by their own dog.

  • Success Is the key
    Success Is the key 3 months ago+255

    Welcome to cyanide and happiness
    Expect the unexpected

    SILENTSNIPER760 3 months ago+291

    Donnavan duck, good boy, and the farmer got me cracking up 😂

  • Eddie the Trap Gawd
    Eddie the Trap Gawd 3 months ago+290

    4:10 soo... who gets the wood chipper? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mark Campos
    Mark Campos 3 months ago+161

    Beastiality 100 on the first one

  • Trippy Kiwi
    Trippy Kiwi 3 months ago+135

    atta boy
    Why wasn't the dog an undercover DEA agent ? lol

  • Drazically
    Drazically 3 months ago+255

    A man’s best friend? What about a dog’s best friend? A C A T ?

  • Squid G. Memerson The 3rd
    Squid G. Memerson The 3rd 3 months ago+215

    When you get a notification at 11:05 that cyanide and happiness made a compilation.

  • Thrasher 1337
    Thrasher 1337 3 months ago+116

    I actually have a duck I named Donovan 😂 he was born without any eyes so we take care of him. It's fun to see him swim

  • that omnic mechanic
    that omnic mechanic 3 months ago+78

    "Hey man nice tank"
    *drives out in a literal tank*..... oh my...*sighs*...really