$10,000 Room Transformation Giveaway!! | OMG We're Coming Over | Mr. Kate

  • Published on:  8/24/2017
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  • Lucy Perry
    Lucy Perry 1 months ago+141

    Is anyone else watching this when she’s at 3.5 million subscribers? 😂

  • Drew Burrett
    Drew Burrett a years ago+456

    U guys deserve 10million subscribers

  • E M Calle
    E M Calle a years ago+146

    plz plz do simplynailogical's nail room she really needs it

  • Jose Fialho
    Jose Fialho a years ago+133

    She doesn't have a bed she so deserved it

  • Amelie Mews
    Amelie Mews a years ago+4183


  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 5 months ago+49

    Poor baby sleeping on the floor. Creative people often have depression they need to express themselves

  • Michaela Mislerová
    Michaela Mislerová a years ago+145

    Those makovers are so amazing, everytime I watch your videos I hate my room :D <3 LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Doug Hamilton
    Doug Hamilton a years ago+73

    This girl so deserved this! She is such a boss! You go girl! #jasetthegirlbawse

  • Ugne Brikaite
    Ugne Brikaite a years ago+64

    Mr kate is worth way more subscribers than she has

  • sugarxtae
    sugarxtae a years ago+879

    Who else thinks that they should get their own tv show?

  • mi a
    mi a a years ago+95

    me being an arizonian i know it is so dang hot here it’s great that you guys came here and flew out and see what we deal with because there’s always californians comparing us!! it’s so different 😭

  • jayleenswackass !
    jayleenswackass ! a years ago+52

    Oh my gosh I love your videos guys I wish u can come to my house/apt I live in Los Angeles California and I live with my mom and brother and we only have on room so if I guys see this like my comment please....

  • riverstream
    riverstream a years ago+272

    Joey is so handsome!

  • Xo Lia
    Xo Lia a years ago+8

    Why am I crying?! 😩😭 You guys and your team are such good people! ❤️

  • Emme H
    Emme H a years ago+1702

    You should do a college dorm transformation series!!!!

  • Valerie Linares
    Valerie Linares 9 months ago+8

    JOEY: ... "she's in Arizona"
    ME: (as a fellow Arizonan) "Woo hoo! 🙌"
    JOEY:"..It's like 140 degrees."
    ME: 😂😂!! No, but it can feel that way sometimes! 😂😂

  • Neha m
    Neha m a years ago+6

    Oh I so much @Mr.Kate to transform my bedroom, we recently moved to US and I am clueless, where to start. 😌

  • Alanys Maldonado
    Alanys Maldonado a years ago+11

    Mr.Kate I love how you can just change peoples lives by just changing their room THATS WHY I SUBSCRIBED!!! 💜 Also you inspire me so much that when I grow up I want to be an Interior Designer (Btw im only in 6th grade) Your probably not going to read this but CONGRATULATIONS ON 1M SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!! -Love you guys ❤❤❤

  • Riri Gullans
    Riri Gullans a years ago+11

    How do you get Mr. Kate to come to my house and do something cool to my bedroom😂😂

  • Nicole
    Nicole a years ago+1959

    I'm not the only one who sing the intro, right?