Qias Omar Unboxes His Game

  • Published on:  3/22/2018
  • Qias Omar stops by to unpack his game and talk about his love for sneakers. Discover what this Sneakerhead’s first love is when it came to a pair of kicks, how he interacts with hypebeast, all the while reenacting his legendary proposal to his soon-to-be wife. It’s time to Shoot Your Shot.

    Shoot Your Shot
    Host Brandon Armstrong aka B-Dot — known for his NBA athlete impersonations and comedic personality on Instagram — introduces the new wave of Hollywood celebrities and Internet stars on the hardwood every Thursday for a round of hoops and trash talk.

    What were they wearing?

    Sneakers: UA Heatseeker - http://undrarmr.co/2olrDWp
    Shirt: UA Select - http://undrarmr.co/2DGrhPV
    Shorts: UA Select 9” - http://undrarmr.co/2pr6Vps
    Leggings: SC30 Leggings 3/4 - http://undrarmr.co/2FVEtCs

    Qias Omar
    Sneakers: Curry 4 http://undrarmr.co/2FZgF0x
    Shirt: UA Baseline Long Line - http://undrarmr.co/2Gb1t3A
    Hoodie: UA Baseline - http://undrarmr.co/2u6p40E
    Pants: UA Unstoppable Windstopper- http://undrarmr.co/2ptq6hB

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