Jetpack Dracula 2: 2 Jetpack Draculas

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • From the makers of Jetpack Dracula comes
    Jetpack Dracula 2: 2 Jetpack Draculas

    Source: Pixelated Boat


  • Mr Wednesday
    Mr Wednesday 4 months ago

    Jet pack Draculi*

  • Nonsensical Abyss
    Nonsensical Abyss 7 months ago

    I want FlimCow to animate these Jetpack Dracula series

  • Y THOU
    Y THOU 7 months ago

    Oh fuk dis shits getin intence

  • Sleepy C.
    Sleepy C. 8 months ago+1

    The manga was better smh

  • Drake P.
    Drake P. 9 months ago

    Jetpack dracula 4: bloody skies
    Pilot: we will be able to defeat 3 jetpack draculas just as long as they do not have a gun
    Draculas:I have a gun
    Pilot: O H S H I T

  • Sam Dudley
    Sam Dudley 9 months ago

    Ok but according to my extensive dracula knowledge isn't the whole thing that Dracula can turn into a bat? So i mean he cOULD've flown up to the high place in the first place.

  • Eron John
    Eron John 9 months ago

    riveting! I must continue

  • Yellow retard
    Yellow retard 9 months ago

    Jetpack Dracula fanservice please

  • UniQueLyEviL
    UniQueLyEviL 9 months ago


  • Fusion Swarly
    Fusion Swarly 9 months ago

    But how are they gonna cast admiral ackbar in it?

  • juicebox
    juicebox 9 months ago

    b u t he can turn into a b a t

  • Noah Birthisel
    Noah Birthisel 9 months ago

    Already know that Jetpack Dracula III is a prequel to Jetpack Dracula I. Can't wait for the inventor of the jetpack to be introduced into the Jetpack Dracula Cinematic Universe.

  • Wayward Horizons
    Wayward Horizons 9 months ago

    2 Dracula 2 Jetpack

  • Ms Dink
    Ms Dink 9 months ago

    Jetpack dracula 2 - electric boogaloo

  • Sound Soul
    Sound Soul 9 months ago

    2 jetpack 2 dracula

  • Aquamarine
    Aquamarine 9 months ago

    Only movie I'd want to see

  • Lia G.
    Lia G. 9 months ago


  • LennySpammer
    LennySpammer 9 months ago

    The general has a nice guy voice

  • Pen
    Pen 9 months ago


  • Jordyn Brooks
    Jordyn Brooks 9 months ago

    Netflix please make this a thing