Future - Jumpin on a Jet



  • UvO ShwuadGod
    UvO ShwuadGod a minute ago

    Ok so you guys pushed the Money Pill somewhat...Future was climbing up to the get...I have no idea 🤷🏾‍♂️. Apparently he teleported or something and lady’s was dancing like crazy when the money thing just Dropped out of thin air. I like how he did nothing when that happened. That would’ve scared the 👀 outta me!

  • George Jawgie
    George Jawgie 51 minutes ago+1


  • Stubby1085
    Stubby1085 an hour ago

    yea ho

  • Ane Fuapau
    Ane Fuapau 2 hours ago

    I love your songs💓 I ENJOY it everyday I'm SUGGESTING no worries guys👏 Hope yous all 💙 Enjoy the songs😚

  • Mid-Land Radio
    Mid-Land Radio 2 hours ago

    Fly Track

  • Fuck You And Goodnight
    Fuck You And Goodnight 3 hours ago+1

    Where is Apeshit??? 🦍 ⚡️

  • klazzikk
    klazzikk 3 hours ago

    Nigga rapping bout shit I can't even fathom, I like it.

  • MellDopeAF
    MellDopeAF 3 hours ago

    im so glad my music is trash and yall wont be able to judge it since im unknown...thanks

  • Fire Marshal
    Fire Marshal 3 hours ago

    How does Crushed up have more views when this bangs harder?

  • Tribal Spirit
    Tribal Spirit 4 hours ago


  • Lion 99
    Lion 99 8 hours ago+1

    Don’t what people are talking ‘bout, this is a legitimate hit, such a smooth flow with a good hook, the video is well directed, the beat is really good... and so is for Crushed up, first of... Idk, this man works for us to bring like 5 album in one year and one in 2019 but for y’all is still not enough.

  • FeinoMadeit
    FeinoMadeit 10 hours ago

    Wassup I’m from Baltimore I make crazy beats check out me page drop me a sub 💯

  • Patrick Hunt
    Patrick Hunt 11 hours ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 11 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • JT
    JT 13 hours ago

    #jumping.of.a.jet# thats how u knowhes a beast

  • Pac Romero
    Pac Romero 14 hours ago

    It’s about time to award Future for these fuckin Dope ass videos too now
    ⭐️☄️🌜🌚🌛 🤙🏾

  • Slimdagremlin
    Slimdagremlin 14 hours ago

    Hottest song off The Wizrd.

  • Arif Kızıltaş
    Arif Kızıltaş 16 hours ago+1

    we say it's up, then it's up ☝️

  • Jaba T.
    Jaba T. 17 hours ago