Berenstain Bears: The Bad Habit/ The Prize Pumpkin - Ep.16

  • Published on:  10/22/2014
  • 16a “The Bad Habit”

    Sister develops a habit of nail biting and various attempts to find a remedy are unsuccessful. When Brother notices a connection between Sister’s math anxiety and her nail biting, he offers his services as a tutor. Sister’s fingernails start growing back when she no longer worries about how to add and subtract fractions.

    16b “The Prize Pumpkin”

    Papa’s longstanding friendship with Farmer Ben becomes strained when winning first place at a pumpkin growing contest becomes far too important. On Thanksgiving Day, after his pumpkin fails to take the blue ribbon, Papa is thankful that Farmer Ben still wants to be his friend in spite his unneighbourly behavior during the competition.

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