Catch and Cook and Camp Ep. 3 * Solo 2 Night 3 Days in the Wild * No Tent

  • Published on:  5/24/2017
  • Give away winner have been drawn by Arbor Creek and they are: Trervor P, Jocelyn Y, and Connor J!

    Catch and cook and camp in California! Amazing river with LOTS of trout. Brought minimal gear, had to build a small bridge to cross a fast moving stream. 2 nights, 3 days, hiking in over 2 miles with 40+lbs of gear. Totally worth it and an amazing trip. I will try to make more survival videos in the future. Not saying this is one exactly, but I will demonstrate wild edible plants, how to build shelter and fire from scratch as well in future videos. Thank you for watching, subscribing and supporting the channel!

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    Some gear I used in this video:

    Hiking Backpack:
    Stainless Steel 40oz Water Bottle:
    Okuma SST Rod:
    Pflueger Reel:
    Folding Knife:
    Kershaw silver knife
    Propane stove:
    Cookset Pots and Pans
    Shotgun Mic:
    Chest Camera:
    Micro SD Card:

    Outdoor Pro Shop:
    412 Houser St. Cotati, CA 94931