Derrick Rose 50 Pt Career High Makes Us All Emotional

  • Published on:  11/1/2018
  • When the Timberwolves were forced to play without two starters, it looked like an easy win for the Utah Jazz. But Derrick Rose elevated his game, giving us hope that he's finally recovered from the long list of injuries that have plagued the former MVP.CHECK OUT POINT GUARD COLLEGE HERE: more in depth NBA analysis, LISTEN to our podcast on iTunes: and Stitcher: HERE FOR MORE: Fighting For Freedom by Anno DominiWe're not a channel, we're a conversation. Join in via the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook!TWITTER: BBALLBREAKDOWNBBallBreakdown is devoted to deep-dive analysis of NBA basketball gameplay. Giving fans a taste of a pro coach's film session, host Coach Nick breaks down fundamentals, play calling, offense, defense, shooting form, officiating, and everything else basketball. In addition, see exclusive interviews with NBA players and coaches, from active super stars to retired legends.


  • Aleksandar Colic 8 months ago

    This is not a case of turning back the clock THIS IS DERRICK ROSE

  • Nino Mantra 1 months ago

    Right bro thats what people dont understand he a winner to be able to overcome all obstacles nd still win

  • GuhThatsJacob 3 months ago

    @ChatterWolves Podcast he can he doesn't chose to

  • Carl Malone 8 months ago

    Not even 10 games in the regular season and we have Blake dropping 50 pts, Curry dropping 51 pts, Klay dropping 52 pts and D Rose dropping 50 pts. I expect this to be a good regular season ......

  • Laugh Worthy Ent 10 days ago

    Now they will be a tandem

  • Tyga 24 days ago

    Comin back to this it was.... raptors with the title this was one of the greatest nba seasons and with the nba now change there’s only greatness to come

  • AnimatedAaron 8 months ago

    You forgot the clutch block at the end !!! Great video tho

  • Scott Lawrence 6 months ago

    @BBALLBREAKDOWN just wanted to say this was an awesome video keep up the great work

  • EnigMa AGODAMi 7 months ago

    LakersFan SinceLonzoBall 👌

  • Garden Gnome 8 months ago

    This was the only game that Rose played PG all season. Prior to this game, he played 65% of his minutes at SG, 35% at SF. He had a game where he played a few minutes of PF too, but none at PG. It’s just funny how as soon as they put him at his normal position of PG, he scores 50 points. And this is against one of the best defensive teams in the league.

  • Danny Slater 14 days ago

    Power Forward? How or why would Thib play D~Rose at power forward?

  • mmdd1996 8 months ago

    @Garden Gnome this is facts

  • ngede nkiondalle 8 months ago

    your transition to advertising is unmatched

  • P 2 months ago


  • Brian Winfrey 8 months ago

    He got me so bad lmao

  • Aaron Gesmer 8 months ago

    _I'm not crying, you're crying_

  • bledzone231 11 days ago

    All crying soft heart.. LOL

  • Nino Mantra 1 months ago

    No bro jus stop it bro you crying

  • ralph dajao 8 months ago

    He died and ROSE again!

  • xX GOON 13 days ago

    @Brion SoG i was about to say the same thing

  • SAK Alofa 16 days ago

    ralph dajao corny

  • Luke Langston 8 months ago

    1. He proved his doubters wrong 2. He proved Jimmy wrong3. He scored 50 on the very team that waived him off when he got traded4. He gained his confidence back.5. He did this on throwback night and Halloween6. He is the mf goat

  • Future Gohan 6 days ago

    @Danny Quang Didn't LeBron Invent That

  • Louie Rastelli 6 months ago

    What did jimmy say

  • Haywood Jablome 8 months ago

    Yesterday, Drose reminded us that he is the master of the difficult layup, an often overlooked aspect of the game. I like his dunks, but his layups are what makes him special.

  • サツッピミク 8 months ago

    and his cross over is still deadly, simple yet explosive

  • A Friendly Hobo 8 months ago

    Rose: " Don't ever give up. Keep fighting."KD: "Can't beat them. Join them."

  • Alif Amarta 25 days ago

    Westbrook Stat Padder make Kevin Durant stuck on Semi-Final So He joining GSW because GSW needs him,and him needs GSW and look that make 2 rings 2 MVP for KD

  • John Goulart 8 months ago

    *gang rape starts*Rose: "Can't beat them. Join them."