Team USA Dances Into Olympics ‘Gangnam Style’

  • Published on:  2/9/2018
  • It’s a pumped Team USA, dancing into the Olympics, Gangnam Style! But the opening ceremony was marred by controversy. American speed skater Shani Davis boycotted the event because he was upset he was not chosen to carry the flag. In a tweet, Davis called a lost coin toss to carry the flag “dishonorable.” The 4-time Olympian lost the coin toss for the honor to luger Erin Hamlin. The athletes at the opening ceremony also got jeans, a sweater, wool hats and big suede gloves.


  • Lena with a Box
    Lena with a Box 1 months ago

    I bet if the black guy was chosen over the woman someone would complain about sexism

  • Jiminimized
    Jiminimized 5 months ago

    So he thinks because its Black History Month a black person should carry the flag

  • BEZ
    BEZ 6 months ago

    They petty lol

  • Angels of Anarchy MC La Mesa

    That guy is a true American. Complain and pout because he lost a coin toss? I thought 2017 was over but here we go again...

  • Developed country Republic of Korea

    I love USA.
    The South Korea-U.S. alliance is strong.🇰🇷🇺🇸
    NO KIM JONG EUN AND MON JAE IN(Pro-North Korean leftists)
    From South Korea.

  • Eddy LaBarr
    Eddy LaBarr 7 months ago

    Gangnam Style should be the North Korean National Anthem.

  • Alejandro Robles
    Alejandro Robles 7 months ago

    Your there to represent your team and your country, not to be an individual. 🇺🇸

  • Warren B
    Warren B 7 months ago

    What's the problem if you're not the flag bearer? It doesn't matter if you truly represent your country and yourself. This has nothing to do with racism... Go, go, go USA!

  • sackboy3231
    sackboy3231 7 months ago

    If your mad because they didn't choose you during black history month than the native Americans should get that privilege since they don't get recognition

  • Special Order 937
    Special Order 937 7 months ago

    Just another liberal protesting something that they feel entitled too. Nothing to see here... move along.

  • Moreno04 Moreno
    Moreno04 Moreno 7 months ago


  • PepIsThe1
    PepIsThe1 7 months ago

    Token black guy is upset over a coin flip. Let that sink in.

  • Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት

    I don't know why the black dude is crying. He's literally the best at his sport, and is about to win several gold medals. Why cry over a fabric that was made in China? Nobody remembers the flag holders. But everybody remembers the gold medal winners. You're the top of your game, the best. Forget the cloth, win the gold (more valuable than a cloth), and return home as a champion in time to watch Black Panther. Wooohooo!

  • Jay Lauren410
    Jay Lauren410 7 months ago


  • unknown
    unknown 7 months ago

    black or not, ehh coin toss? fair enough...

  • KayBeat101
    KayBeat101 7 months ago+2

    also yes he made it into a race thing but seriously, people chose someone who won a bronze compared to a decorated two time back to back gold medalist?! I would be irritated too
    Edit: it is also more than likely his LAST race!

  • Wim Quier
    Wim Quier 7 months ago+1

    I can understand him being upset cause he didn't get to carry the flag but seriously, abandoning the rest of YOUR team just because you couldn't carry it seems childish and petty

  • lobomuerto11
    lobomuerto11 7 months ago

    Kick that black fagroid off the team. We don't want him representing us.

  • Darlene Greywolf
    Darlene Greywolf 7 months ago

    Disgusting! Why didn't they just bring gangs from Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, LA if they want the world to think America is all a bunch of ignorant thugs ?????

  • Wind of Roses
    Wind of Roses 7 months ago

    ★★★ Run away and survive, before North Korea bombs South Korea !!