The Verge Abusing Copyright Claim System to Hide PC Build Video

  • Published on:  2/14/2019
  • The Verge has resurrected its infamous PC build video by filing copyright claims and takedowns against Bitwit Kyle and ReviewTechUSA.
    Grab the GN Modmat:

    The Verge is ensuring that no one ever forgets its PC build by taking aggressive action against content creators who criticized its mistakes, after admitting issues with the video and pulling it entirely. We had all walked away from this but, months later, The Verge has brought the issue back and is abusing the copyright claim system in the process.

    Sources: All The Verge, a group which may not be self-aware: | "YouTube’s copyright strikes have become a tool for extortion" | "Why was it so easy to weaponize copyright against PewDiePie?" | "'Dancing baby' ruling says fair use matters in copyright takedowns"


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