Automatic electric roller blinds on Arduino DIY

  • Published on:  9/6/2016
  • Homemade automatic transmission with gear for roller blinds on the Arduino. Automatic blinds with photocell hands. Homemade electric for curtains. Automatic control for the blind. How to make curtains lowered and raised themselves?

    The idea for this project originated at me 2 years ago. In May 2016 I made reducer with sprocket laminate. All dimensions are chosen experimentally, experimental way, sometimes at random, based on the engine mounting holes, drill diameter ring (crowns) for wood and fixing points. Then he began to study the Arduino programming. This is my first project. Much would now be done differently, so judge strictly))

    COMPONENTS: - board Arduino Uno R3 - EasyDriver v44 A3967 (stepper motor driver) - Stepper motor 42SHD0001 (Nema size 17) - connecting wires 20 cm (10 cm possible - - Photoresistors (10 pcs.). I walked it in a set with the Arduino.
    The resistor is used to 10k. He took what was caught) - I advise you to take the motor bracket (included 2 pcs.)

    REFERENCES FOR THE PROJECT: - How to divide the circle into 5 parts - Generator gears online - Drawing gears support a full-size (with no size print). The right side is not needed! - Wiring (Established in Fritzing program - - program (sketch)

    FEATURES sprocket and gear:
    Sprocket: D = 25 mm,
    Small gear wheel (drive): D = 17 mm, n = 6, h = 7 mm,
    Large gear wheel (driven): D = 58 mm, n = 24, h = 7 mm,
    where D - diameter, n - number of teeth, h - distance between zubyami (step)

    1) Print templates and pasted on plywood or laminate, and only then cut out.
    2) The smaller the sprocket, the engine will be easier. We need to pick up a cylindrical object that if the wrap around the chain, the balls must cross at the same level.
    3) Furniture screed perfectly approached as the axis of the driven gear.
    4) The most good way to secure the pinion on the motor shaft was sandpaper. If a drop of super glue, then tightly.
    5) For installation on a flat support wall need to rotate through 90 degrees (when the design will bulge) or change its shape. For both cases, you need to purchase for the engine mount. In my case, the kitchen tiles is not possible to use this method. Incidentally hotmelt keeps excellent))

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