Norwegian Christmas Traditions

  • Published on:  12/23/2014
  • In this video I talk a lot in norwegian about norwegian christmas tradition. Most on preparations for christmas and the December month.

    You hear about norwegian "Pepperkake" and "Julebrus", also I mention baking cookies and "risengrynsgrøt". You see me eat a lot of "klementiner" because that is what we do!

    Hey all Norwegian learners!
    The language I'm teaching is not Bokmål nor Nynorsk. It's an east dialect and I don't think you will have much problem with bokmål after this. :) And everyone will understand this.

    I am Norwegian, from Norway. Born and raised. I live in Oslo, with my husband and son.

    I started filming with my webcam. Then i moved on to a Flip, then a Flip Mino HD. Then followed my iPhone, and Now I have a Panasonic HC-V210 :)
    I edit with Vegas Pro.

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