Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

  • Published on:  3/22/2017
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    LOGAN, you've lived through experimental surgery, countless bullet wounds, an atomic bomb, and EVEN Bodily Disintegration from Jean Grey. But in the end it's your sweet metal exoskeleton that causes your demise? So sad! But there's one little issue - Logan is WRONG! Sure he may be getting poisoned by his metallic upgrade, but in the end, that's not the issue. Then, what's REALLY Killing Logan?! You're about to find out.

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  • vadim the blyat
    vadim the blyat 4 hours ago

    my man been in civil war and WW1 and WW2 especially NAM now he's dying in 20idk

  • Hbffccvg Khbbgcv
    Hbffccvg Khbbgcv 8 hours ago

    So will this happen to Deadpool eventually!

  • Kalil da WEEABOO!!
    Kalil da WEEABOO!! 11 hours ago

    Thought you said he was immortal

  • Hans Tler
    Hans Tler 20 hours ago

    Why is he dying? Because a movie had to be made.

  • Zara Sahin
    Zara Sahin 21 hours ago

    Hugh Jackman is ahhhhhh my favourite

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach yesterday

    What about the metal bones?

  • Brandon Dizon
    Brandon Dizon yesterday

    Fucking nerd

  • David Kocharyan
    David Kocharyan yesterday

    Not superheroes mutants

  • watt smith
    watt smith yesterday

    So he's dying of old age

  • a.k.a Storm Morris

    He couldn't shave because he had no razor or did he forget he has razor claws?

  • Joyce Dennis
    Joyce Dennis yesterday

    you can't add. logan was born is 1838. he fought in the civil war and world war 1. if the logan movie took place in 2029, logan would be almost two hundred years old.

  • Sir Cattington
    Sir Cattington yesterday

    Nahh his healing factor protects him from that like Thinking Theory said at least that's wut I think but your theory could be totally true and I could see them (Marvel) eventually telling us that.

  • The Zen Devil
    The Zen Devil yesterday

    No he was dieing because the writers wrote that he was dieing.

  • Y’K Gaming
    Y’K Gaming yesterday

    2019 ?

  • RockGames
    RockGames yesterday

    Soooo why dfq he lived over 190yrs

  • Anonymous roKstar

    This made me a lil depressed because now I know we can never b X-men, because science is a dick

  • Longrider
    Longrider yesterday

    why wouldn't his DNA have a healing factor?

  • Voyd_Blitz
    Voyd_Blitz yesterday

    Why doesn’t his dna just regrown?

  • Donavyn Fortin
    Donavyn Fortin 2 days ago

    Just cover the dna with flex tape...

  • Derek Zavala
    Derek Zavala 2 days ago

    This is not why he is dying