Hellsing? Final Fantasy VII? DBZA? It's a DBCember Miracle! | TFS Update



  • TeamFourStar 7 months ago

    Who's ready to fuck that left over fear turkey on Saturday? We'll be live at 6PM Central Time 11/24/18 on http://twitch.tv/streamfourstar

  • jaswag7 6 months ago

    TeamFourStar what happened to episode 9?

  • Rose Beaumont 6 months ago

    So Dragon Ball officially over?!?!😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Cameron Dominguez 7 months ago

    This bearded guy should be a voice actor for Vegeta

  • Dexo Plex 6 months ago

    @Bennydaboss2005 Arbeitman r/whooosh

  • Rogito 6 months ago

    @Caelum Miranda it's a trap bro he about to double woosh u

  • BAD Blight 7 months ago

    Reasons why Lani should do his own scripts

  • TheSmashMaster9000 7 months ago


  • Lance Estrella 7 months ago

    Dragonballz Deep. Lol

  • crcoghill 7 months ago

    Can't wait for Hellsimate this weekend.

  • Who Knows 7 months ago

    @Mahammad Albarrrak *In one month*

  • Mahammad Albarrrak 7 months ago

    u want to know what badass is ? we are getting 2 hellsing Abridged in one single year !

  • Alfa fox 7 months ago

    Hellsing ultimate AND FF7?!?! AND A DBZA christmas special? This is a christmas and a half god damn yall are amazing

  • eWrecc B. 6 months ago

    @Shinikula45 i meant to say the prologue

  • Shinikula45 6 months ago

    @eWrecc B. that is already abridged by them. lol

  • MaKaila Knight 7 months ago

    Lani getting distracted by FF7MA behind him has gotta be the greatest promo for the series

  • Roaming Roman. 7 months ago

    “Grab life by the balls..... ALSO WE GOT HATS!”Lani is the best at leading into things.

  • Dragon DreamerZ 7 months ago

    Another light horror erotica novel read for the month. 👍

  • Dustin Boyd 7 months ago

    @Dragon DreamerZ Boxers are easier. Either way, there will be at least one guy who will still need to order one size larger than their usual to accommodate his Dragon Balls after ladies refuse all forms of intimacy.And as time goes on, he'll order larger boxers to accommodate Namekian ones, then Super ones. At that point, he'll meet someone who wants to summon his Super Shenron, except she won't know the language and will eventually scream about the peas and carrots she's cooking as he whisks her aro...

  • Megumin 7 months ago

    Android 16: "What is this thanksgiving?"Krillin: "Ohh you get together and eat turkey and be thankful for the things you have."Android 16: "What is this turkey?"Krillin: "Ohh its a bird"Android 16: "YOU EAT THE BIRD!"

  • Christiam Carrion 7 months ago

    Anyone else exicted for Hellsimeth Bridges? Just me?

  • MrUrkel0730 7 months ago

    Pretty stoked. But I'm more excited for Hellsammeth honestly.

  • TheLuckyFateReviewer 7 months ago

    Man this year has been productive for you guys. You finally complete the Android/Cell Saga after so many year and Hellsing Ultimate is about to end. Wonder what you guys have planned once Hellsing is finished.

  • ThePaladin5084 7 months ago


  • Voltage 7 months ago

    @Mr. Grim 501st Yeah that's what I figure too. *If* they do pick up another series, they've usually made it clear that the reason they made and keep making abridged and their main motivation, is love for the series they're doing. Which I think makes MHA and HxH both good candidates.TheChuckMuzik Dunno about Gurren Lagan but they definitely won't do Full Metal. Faulerro already had that going and if they aren't going to restart or try to finish their own abridged series through TFS I doubt they're goi...