• Published on:  9/16/2018
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    Starting college can be a very scary experience... So to surprise a new student who’s been kind to others in the process... We went around a University’s campus to find an unsuspecting stranger... to pimp out that person’s dorm room... here’s what happened.

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer,
    Editors: Andreas Hem, Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer,


  • connor kent
    connor kent 6 hours ago

    You guys always make my day, keep up the good work you guys are awesome! <3

  • saffa
    saffa 9 hours ago

    Instantly fell in love with your channel!

  • Slurpity Derp
    Slurpity Derp 9 hours ago

    Not all people get awarded for kindness

  • Richard Price
    Richard Price 16 hours ago

    I wish people were this nice to me I always get treated like crap

  • Cobra
    Cobra 17 hours ago

    head ass she has to pay for electricity bill

  • Obleverything
    Obleverything 20 hours ago

    Can somebody make 1:20 a gif please

  • MelonheadSaladbar
    MelonheadSaladbar 21 hours ago


  • Jose Alvarado
    Jose Alvarado 21 hours ago

    She is not going to be available to pay this

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 22 hours ago

    That is not a dorm room, that's a dorm mansion.

    TECHNO FILMY yesterday+1

    Fans from india cliq like

  • Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1]

    aaaah my cheeks are so soar i was smiling the whole like this is so nice

  • Farez
    Farez yesterday

    i dont even have a carpet in my dorm

  • littlerebelle
    littlerebelle yesterday

    this was so good and she deserves it so much I am crying! <3

  • cometpowell
    cometpowell yesterday

    Can i date Gracie?

  • shadow miner123
    shadow miner123 yesterday

    This is so weird watching this cause my sister just graduated from there last year and had you of those apartments and this is just crazy watching some place you know very well

  • King Kashi
    King Kashi yesterday

    They increased their electric bill, made them have to laundry all tht cloth on tht couch, and gave them a carpet which if they spill a drink it’ll be hard to get off soo...

  • Vanessa Medeiros
    Vanessa Medeiros yesterday

    Absolutely love this! The editing is on point 👌

  • Matt Santos
    Matt Santos yesterday

    This is the best youtube channel of all time

  • Call Me Jack
    Call Me Jack yesterday

    Like like like low key

  • Brandan Perfect
    Brandan Perfect yesterday

    Ngl I could do with this. This video was amazing and inspiring