My Top five scariest monsters in Video games, Movies, and Anime.

  • Published on:  10/31/2018
  • It the time of year where everyone make a Halloween video, time for me to join in on the fun.
    Note: I was originally gonna have this done by monday, but because of my old mic going the way of the dodo, I felt a bit rushed to get this out in less than two days of editing.

    Game Theorist video I was talking about :


    Music provided by No Copyright Music:

    Music used: Spook 3 by PeriTune

    Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
    Disclaimer __________
    I do not own the rights to the song, music in this game however, I do have my own voice, thoughts, and opinions.
    The content that is mine is the commentary that I provide throughout this playthrough.

    The Gaming footage that is being run in the background is grinding footage of a playthrough.
    I put it in the back of top 5, discussion, and other planned out videos I need to make quickly. There for the video appears in the gaming category.