Hubelino Marble Race 2018 - E1 Swing Wave

  • Published on:  12/5/2018
  • The first event of the Hubelino Tournament 2018! We will begin this tournament with the Swing Wave!

    The Swing Wave consists of 10 waves(were look like halfpipes) but dont take to much speed because you will go to the 1 point lane, to avoid get to it, you must get enough speed until you get the 12 point pit(the orange block), 2 teams go down in this course, the team that has more points will win the match.

    The Hubelino Tournament uses various products from the Hubelino toy company in Germany, which makes various building bricks and marble tracks that are compatible with each other, some of which can even be seen in the Marblelympics!
    As for the tournament itself, it exclusively uses Hubelino products and marbles which are divided into teams that compete in various events like the Swing Wave and Funnel Spin, earning points based on their performance. After eight events, the team holding the most points win the championship!

    Hubelino is available at most major toy (web) shops like However, please watch out for fake imitation products! Hubelino building sets are recognizable with green packaging.

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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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