10 CREEPIEST Things Found In Museums!

  • Published on:  5/31/2020
  • From mummified monsters to the world’s largest collection of hair, here are 10 of the creepiest things found in museums…

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    10. Mummified Clown
    Mummies are popular exhibits in museums around the world, but there’s one that’s kept at the California Institute of Abnormalarts that’s unlike any you’ll have ever seen before. Rather than being an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, or an Incan Priest, this one is the mummified remains of… a clown.

    9. The Hollow Wheel
    The Glore Psychiatric Museum in Missouri houses more than 10 thousand different exhibits, most of which were collected by George Glore, who was an occupational therapist for a nearby hospital. He was fascinated by the history of early psychiatric treatments, and created displays to show the various surgical tools, equipment, and techniques that were used over time.

    8. Plague Mask
    During this pandemic, we see medical staff in protective suits, and people wearing all kinds of face masks in an attempt to limit the spread. This is not much different from what people used to do in the past. Throughout history, countless diseases have spread like wildfire through the human population, and medics had to make do with what they could.

    7. Child’s Skull
    When we’re a child, we grow our first set of teeth which, as we grow up, fall out and are replaced with our stronger adult teeth. But these replacements don’t actually grow when they’re needed, but are instead present in our skulls all along. Did you know that? That’s pretty bizarre right? Unless you’re a dentist!

    6. Jar of Moles
    Moles are subterranean mammals that are perfectly adapted to spending most of their lives digging through the ground, and because we rarely see them on the surface, they’ve long been a source of curiosity. It’s no surprise, then, that they are often put on display at zoos, and collected and exhibited at museums, but there’s a mole display at the Grant Museum of Zoology in London that’s just downright bizarre

    5. Locks of Hair
    There's a small town in Turkey called Avanos, and it's a place that's long been of interest to archaeologists because of its rich history. Countless shards of pottery and other ceramics have been found in the area that date back thousands of years, but some people who lived there decided that it was time to create a new modern day attraction to lure tourists to the region.

    4. The Dusseldorf Vampire
    Whether or not you believe vampires truly exist, there are certainly some people who have had a strange obsession with blood, and one of the most notorious in history was Peter Kürten. During his reign of terror almost 100 years ago, he killed at least 9 people, severely injured many others, and did this just so he could drain their veins for his own gratification.

    3. Musée Dupuytren
    Opened in a disused part of a convent by French chemist Mathieu Orfila in 1835, the Musée Dupuytren is a massive collection of anatomical pieces that depict various diseases. There are real, preserved specimens as well as wax replicas, and it’s an invaluable resource for medics learning about the pathology of illnesses.

    2. Feejee Mermaid
    Mermaids are mythical creatures that have been told about ever since people first set sail on the seas, but with so little of the oceans having been fully explored, actual evidence of their existence has yet to be discovered. This didn’t stop showmen in the 19th century from showcasing Mermaid exhibits, however, but instead of being the real deal, they were creative works made by combining the remains of other animals.

    1. The Museum of Death
    Humans have an undeniable fascination with the creepy, but there's one place that trumps them all when it comes to spooky exhibits… the museum of death. It actually has two locations, one in Hollywood and one in New Orleans, and between them, they have the world's largest collection of objects designed to force us to confront ideas of our own mortality and, according to the founder, to 'make people happy to be alive'. Let me know if it works for you!