• Published on:  2/23/2019
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  • Taikamuna 3 months ago

    In before it gets copyrighted for using their footage

  • Securrio Fn 5 hours ago


  • the crab empire 14 days ago

    I dont think there is any problem because he edited it and they told him to and he showed a small part of the video

  • Cora 3 months ago


  • Cora trying to eat chicken

  • Deku II 3 days ago

    Eating your wife? They'll try it!

  • and Peggy 3 months ago

    sometimes i forget that jack is a genuinely really caring person, and then he makes me cry watching a 17-second dog video. love you dude

  • Jano Weyers 5 days ago

    I also cried

  • o no 6 days ago


  • pointlesstars 2 months ago

    Who’s back after seeing the intro in the new try guys video

  • Basement Productions 19 hours ago

    Wait really

  • Nathaniel Hale 2 months ago

    @Mason Villegas It's their latest boink, marry, kill video.

  • Josie Joyner 3 months ago

    step two. drugs.

  • A normal ass comment, click to see replies, creepy men...smh

  • Wicecly 7 days ago

    @Fly Terminatar that's weird

  • Dawnfall 3 months ago

    I was having trouble telling if Jack's forehead was edited or not in the thumbnail

  • Nick B 17 hours ago

    Dawnfall he made it a little bit smaller

  • Nancy Macias yesterday


  • Monster Dobbs 3 months ago

    That dog edit really hit me in the feels, I feel so bad for the person who sent you that video.

  • nico the cat 3 days ago

    @Most random gamer Ever the smart person stick figure

  • Charlie Bravo you sick human

  • Gucci Flops 16 days ago

    During that wholesome dog video, I was preparing for him to play the start notes of megalovania at the endone half of me was kinda glad he didn'tthe other evil half was slightly dissapointed

  • benji 2 days ago

    Honesty same 😭

  • Zaí • 3 months ago

    6:52 "Roadtrip *Footage* " I see what you did there👀

  • Patrick Bridge 14 days ago

    @Thien Ma ok I mean I was tryna hype you up but whatever

  • Thien Ma 14 days ago

    @Patrick Bridge you're late

  • Kacper Jura 1 months ago

    That video you edited of Buddy (the dog) made tears come out of my eyes. I hope he is doing good for himself.