Stephen A. Smith rant about Magic Johnson and LaVar Ball's private meeting | First Take | ESPN

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
  • First Take's Stephen A. Smith goes on a rant about Magic Johnson and LaVar Ball's meeting to tell LaVar to stop criticising Lakers head coach Luke Walton.

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  • smile cute
    smile cute 9 months ago

    Now how was Dlo a distraction in L.A. again?

  • BoxingWave
    BoxingWave 9 months ago

    Do ya’ll even cover anything else but the Ball family anymore?

  • BeenTrill Brandon
    BeenTrill Brandon 9 months ago

    More than HALF of you “adults” still live with your parents, can’t afford to live by yourself,have to borrow 20 dollars for gas money cause your still financially irresponsible, to lazy to go to college but blame it on the “it’s to expensive” excuse I mean holy fuck I could go on for days on how a bunch of grown ass men and women who are in there mid twenties who DONT have shit to there name can call a man who has a son playing professionally for his hometown and two other sons who are already on their way to being MULTI-MILLIONAIRES before they are 20 and before the time 75% of y’all have worked your shitty ass part time jobs for a full calendar year a bad father. So lavar should let Nike make half a billon dollars off HIS last name before his SON of all people sees a dime? So should lavar not pull his son out of a school when they were suspending him indefinitely for shoplifting when in the same breath giving students a two week suspension for finding cocaine and ecstasy in there dorm? I could go on and on about how if anything the parents SHOULD be apart of all this I Damn sure would rather mom dad and two brothers eat off LONZOS labor than a random agent who Gets million dollar raised every time LONZO signs a deal

  • reezy
    reezy 9 months ago+1

    Stephen A. Smith done lost his mind

  • UnoHightimes
    UnoHightimes 9 months ago

    "Stop talking about Lavar, and Lonzo." Turns on youtube...... smh , let the kid live damn. If Kobe, gay ass curry, Scottie, MJ say the kid will be fine, he will. Why are we taking what these analyst say serious? They have new favorite players each week when someone is doing good... watered down was sport shows. Damn, I miss the 90's, and early 2000.

  • abhinand1000
    abhinand1000 9 months ago

    What kind of shit standards do you have for parenting? Explain to me how he has done a good job at parenting? One kid caught shoplifting. He pulls out two of his children from school and ships them to Lithuania as a part of a business deal. How the fuck is that good parenting? Just because Lonzo was 2nd pick in the draft?

  • Sharon Murray
    Sharon Murray 9 months ago

    Charlemagne said it best these sports agents do the exact same thing Lavar is doing for his kids just doing it his way with his brand...first to ever do it show out Lavar!!! 💯💯

  • Devin Jones
    Devin Jones 9 months ago

    Why does he sounds like a house nigga, I'm done with espn

  • originalrobmarley
    originalrobmarley 9 months ago

    Mr smith sucked a white penis for his job

  • matthole007
    matthole007 9 months ago

    All these people on all sides are creating a narrative to get us all talking about the lakers and its working

  • Zeke D.
    Zeke D. 9 months ago

    Lavar clarified on The Breakfast Club that he feels the Lakers currently don't know what to say to Lonzo to make him go. That's what he means when he says they don't know how to coach him, that they don't know how to properly motivate him. He also said he's not trying to be a coach.

  • Cherrell Bovain
    Cherrell Bovain 9 months ago

    Lavar...Big Baller soon

  • yank yank
    yank yank 9 months ago

    He gave them fame, now messing up for them...Straight dumbass dad man

  • RussianBeast93
    RussianBeast93 9 months ago

    now we can see why undisputed has higher ratings than first take lmao

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago

    Go to 1:14 LMAO literally was dying

  • epill816
    epill816 9 months ago

    Propaganda at its finest

  • Michael Lok
    Michael Lok 9 months ago

    Stephen a smith is always so dramatic when he starts his point

  • Nebo600
    Nebo600 9 months ago

    There was a time I used to really like Stephen A but ESPN and their shit ratings got this man by the nuts. Meaning if you shit on LaVar, they will watch. It’s so fucking blatant. Listen weather you like LaVar or not, Stephan A is taking LaVar’s comments way out of context. All the man said is he knows his son better than they do. He said nothing about knowing basketball better then Magic or the Lakers organization. Believe me, if Magic talks to you and says pipe down about the TEAM, then he will. Anything that has nothing to do with the team is fair game. Believe me this man doesn’t want to be banned from the Staples Center, and Magic has the power to do that IF LaVar was completely over the top speaking out against the Lakers organization including Walton. Whether you agree with Magic’s decision to meet with him or not, the fact of the matter is that he has to because LaVar is now this intense media sensation who even the President of the United States Tweeted about.

  • K S TV
    K S TV 9 months ago

    Magic sucked as a Coach/talk show host, great Player & Bizman 4 White Corporations. Lavar shouldn't change, run the Show, because it's not Magic's team, he's a worker 4 the Buss Family.. Lavar is self Employed & breaking the mold-stronghold on the Sneaker-Gear Market that Black-Youth pretty much Promote 4 Free.. 😱

  • brigidoloza1
    brigidoloza1 9 months ago

    I Hate stephen smith.. your voice is annoying