How To Get Your Ex Back When They Moved On

  • Published on:  6/4/2020
  • Clay Andrews talks about how to get your ex back when they moved on.



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    In this video we're going to be discussing how to get your ex back when they are with someone else or have moved on from the breakup.

    The important thing to realize is that it's not a bad thing if your ex moves on emotionally from the breakup.

    In fact this can be a good thing because then you and your ex can relate to each other without all the angst and heartache and emotional drama that often comes immediately after a breakup with either party is in Damage Control Mode or Meltdown Mode.

    So don't worry if your ex has moved on. You need to focus on the emotional connection, not on keeping your ex from moving on.

    Maybe you're thinking, I don't care about getting your ex back when they have emotionally moved on, but what about when they have romantically moved on?

    That's okay too. I'll explain in the video so that you can understand why this isn't that big of a deal either in the big picture of things.

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