Jake Paul Talks Internet Fame, Post Malone, Beef With His Brother + More

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
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  • Omi lost jedi
    Omi lost jedi 6 hours ago

    69 was the most views if he would have prompted maybe, birdmans vid is old it dont count anymore

  • Le Val
    Le Val 3 days ago

    *”Most watched video”* after all these months, this video is still struggling to get views to 1 million.

  • Jeffery Brown
    Jeffery Brown 4 days ago

    lol "I bet you this will be one of your most viewed videos." "I'd put money on it"

  • itsPuzul
    itsPuzul 5 days ago

    This is cringe from start to finish, Charlemagne is a make up wearing pussy who acts like he’s important who’s also racist as shit, Jakes annoying asf, and this overall video is just boring

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper 7 days ago

    Charlamange with a straight face, "How are you with your penis?" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D

    I'd never watch anything with the Pauls in it but when someone told me Char went in on this hick brat, had to see it and i wasn't disappointed. This Paul dude is such a liar when confronted and Char brings negative things up. I hope he dies in a car accident.

  • Pussydestroy_69_420B Thisasster

    who tf is this

  • The Afterhours
    The Afterhours 14 days ago

    He said more “likes” than there are dislikes.

  • Jure Ulčar
    Jure Ulčar 14 days ago

    Hold this L

  • Tania Lou
    Tania Lou 14 days ago

    This guys an absolute jerk

  • PeterZeeke
    PeterZeeke 18 days ago

    this is uncomfortable

  • new wave propagandist

    Hate this guy but decent interview

  • East Coast Visual Media

    HAHAH C The God said Jake doesn't know his audience!!! EVERYDAY BRAH - lol Jake go laugh on your walk to the lambo my dood

  • Ron Ron
    Ron Ron 18 days ago

    jake paul is a racist. Great work Charlamagne

  • Fuck YouTube
    Fuck YouTube 19 days ago+1

    *Charlemagne lowkey hates white people*

  • Serena Bella
    Serena Bella 19 days ago

    I don't know his name but the guy in the back looks so OBVIOUSLY, OVERTLY bored. Like why are even doing this?? Hahha Its classic, every time the camera pans and I catch is expression. Arms folded, almost falling asleep 😂

  • Jay2Gutta Gold face
    Jay2Gutta Gold face 20 days ago

    Most views 8 months 606k
    Congratulations you played yourself DJ Khaled voice .

  • Chavonne Scott
    Chavonne Scott 21 days ago

    Logans braids are dopeeee.

  • D 111
    D 111 21 days ago

    Whos this guy?

  • Brandon jay
    Brandon jay 21 days ago

    Relax black boy