NEGATIVE Spider-Man! (Spiderman PS4 #5)

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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    here we go.. a brand new spider suit!!

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  • Alex Edghill
    Alex Edghill 2 months ago+1137

    41:55 anybody else see that traffic cone fly through the air and perfectly land on the side walk?

  • san san
    san san yesterday

    Get voir

  • DJ Sky'07
    DJ Sky'07 yesterday

    dan that white and black thing on the wall in lee office well thats yin and yang

  • Captain Misterio8309

    The Misteryous Man is Task Master

  • Red king brine
    Red king brine 2 days ago

    44:22 get it right dan it’s devils breath not dragons breath

  • Benjamin George
    Benjamin George 3 days ago

    More guitar videos

  • Carissa Cruz
    Carissa Cruz 4 days ago

    Dan you were hoping for to much bud. There is no way it was going to be another spider man 🕷😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • the cat
    the cat 4 days ago+1

    29:44 he almost saw that the guy Thuse not fall in the ground. They get webed dan. Jacksepteceye saw this way before you did

  • The diamond Ore
    The diamond Ore 5 days ago

    Ah the combo. Combo X1

  • TFG_Taco
    TFG_Taco 5 days ago+1

    find the difference

  • Mazevomai God Of Cringe

    1:03:11 THAT SPIDERMAN HAS A MASK THAT DENIES PHYSICS!!! (or the cup is empty)

  • Samuel Adejoro Bloodywolf4739

    42:43 did anybody see the hotdog sign?

  • mightyplays AJ
    mightyplays AJ 6 days ago

    It's not dragons breath it's devil's breath

  • Vincinel The Seventh Warrior

    There was a truck with bombs in it,but Dan probably didn't see it lol

  • Yhardel Ortiz
    Yhardel Ortiz 6 days ago

    Dan miles is Spider-Man in a movie so you might be able to play as him but I don’t know miles that well I just know that he is spiderman

  • silodj08 ultra gamer

    I love spider man

  • Kyler Parrish
    Kyler Parrish 6 days ago+1

    Spider-Man Spider-Man goes through every vent he can. LOLOLOLOL

  • Rat Gameing
    Rat Gameing 7 days ago+2

    Otto: OH U SON OF A...
    Dantdm's mind: oh no he’s away to swear
    Dantdm's mind: phew

  • Paul O A Adeboje
    Paul O A Adeboje 8 days ago

    You should of used the insomniac suit

  • Tiffany Burks
    Tiffany Burks 8 days ago

    58:52 is Taskmaster he can copy ur fighting style and he's evil! OK DAN!