NEGATIVE Spider-Man! (Spiderman PS4 #5)

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • Arekkusu
    Arekkusu 11 months ago+1788

    41:55 anybody else see that traffic cone fly through the air and perfectly land on the side walk?

  • Anteo Youtube
    Anteo Youtube 1 months ago+207

    How many times Dan said Dragons breath instead of Devils breath

  • Shadow Pretex
    Shadow Pretex 5 months ago+73


  • Bust #fast
    Bust #fast 1 months ago+40

    If dan was spider man he would stream every time he fights crime!

  • Monisha Brix
    Monisha Brix 7 months ago+48

    Lol I heard Dan scream, and I thought it was MJ😂😂😂😂😂

  • Momma Cita
    Momma Cita 11 months ago+1199

    This is Bob.
    1 like=1 year of age! Let's see how old he can get.

  • Cameron Tecson (909CamTecs)

    Spiderman, Spiderman
    He does whatever Spider can
    Everything's going dark
    I don't feel good Mr. Stark
    Oh no there goes Spiderman

  • Krystof Gole
    Krystof Gole 3 months ago+49

    RIP STAN LEE # Stan lee the best!!

  • Dominater_rblx Baade
    Dominater_rblx Baade 8 months ago+28

    I wish they had venom as a boss

  • OskiThe_Demon
    OskiThe_Demon 4 months ago+42

    So much swears thanks dan for editing it out

  • Spectral 12945
    Spectral 12945 11 months ago+96

    Hey who reads comments while watching

  • Siam Junior
    Siam Junior 6 months ago+22

    Dan: I'm about to die!!!(doesn't use ability)

  • Toxic Overload
    Toxic Overload 1 months ago+9

    45:45 really steps up the laughter for me 😂

  • The awesome gamer 7659
    The awesome gamer 7659 1 months ago+37

    Wow can the demons do HADOUKEN!!!

  • noelvince78
    noelvince78 14 days ago+13

    Click this if you love Dan

  • aPexPixel ———-
    aPexPixel ———- 11 months ago+468

    Roses are red
    Dan’s hair is blue
    I think he is awesome
    Do you think so too?

  • Life Long
    Life Long 1 months ago+6

    When dan was at the water and I saw him eying a nearbye boat and I kept thinking, "don't do it..." and dan jumps off and drowns.
    head slap

  • FredbearYT
    FredbearYT 1 months ago+18

    The fact that Dan said Mstyiro was electro lol

  • Taylah Vlogs
    Taylah Vlogs 2 months ago+15

    Spider dan spider dan does whatever a spider can he can swing he can crawl but most importantly he can climb up a wall.
    Btw this is original if u were woundering.

  • Soul Siblings
    Soul Siblings 2 months ago+14

    It takes two bars of focus to use a finisher on a brute