Piña Colada Cocktail - Two Ways | Rich Hunt

  • Published on:  7/25/2014
  • Welcome a new face to Drinks Tube - it's Tiki God Rich Hunt! He's here to show you two ways to make the Pina Colada cocktail - the classic, blended recipe from the 1950s and a new, lighter version that requires you to shake rather than blend. Both delicious and both made with Bacardi white rum, fresh pineapple and either coconut cream or coconut water. Created in partnership with Bacardi.

    Give them both a try and let us know which one you prefer - the classic version or Rich's more modern, lighter recipe.

    Thanks to Cheeky Tiki for providing some of their brilliant Tiki gear - www.cheekytiki.com

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    Have fun and please drink responsibly.