European Hornet Nest In Tree Trunk Remastered - Unseen Footage Vespa Crabro

  • Published on:  5/19/2020
  • European Hornet Nest removed from the trunk of the tree. The adults were vacuumed up, nest removed in one piece and unadulterated by poison. The larvae and pupating adults were fed to the girls, while the new queens and males were hatched out of the remaining comb, and released for relocation.

    This ia my favorite hornet removal, and I wanted to upgrage the original edit by re-editing and remastering the original videos into a NEW video. The poor audio from the original made it difficult to hear my explanations of what was happening within the shots. A new cut, aligned with a new voice over allows me to convey everything that is happening during the removal.

    There were 2 follow up videos to this original removal video that were buried on the channel, and were a bit disjointed as a separate video, so they were re-edited from the original videos, refurbished with better color grading and remastering, so the content could be seen with the original removal for the first time!

    Now everyone can see what happened with this removal from the first bit of vacuuming, all the way to seeing the contents of the vacuum and the dissection of the nest.


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