The Biggest Guild Breakers in World of Warcraft

  • Published on:  12/26/2019
  • Over the past 15 years thousands of guilds have come and gone. Some ended through raid bosses, poor leadership, or just burnout. In this video, I cover the biggest guild breakers in World of Warcraft. All videos/audio used credited below:

    Nightmare Asylum vs Razorgore by Nicht Vom Facht:
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    BC Footage by Kevin:
    Ninja loot by EpidemiK3:
    Onyxia Wipe Animation by Alachas1985:
    Disconnect rage by Unnamed User:
    Magmadar Wipe by rahma4:
    Angry Raid Leader by Direction:
    Gorefiend wipe by Dullenheimer:
    Hand of Rag Materials Ninja by Pronkers:
    Curse vs C'thun by Meandroid:
    Hand of rag drama by adrian749:
    Onyxia Ninja Loot by DIVIN3Hosting:
    Hachiroku Ninja Loot by kamikazz700:
    Domo Chest Ninja by Carl:
    Cloudsong rage by brando2002:
    SK Gaming vs M'uru by Ensidia TV:
    Nihilum vs Kael'thas by WoW Video Archive:
    Nihilum Wipe by Rickard Nillson:

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    'WetGrass Inspired' [Tristram] by AmIEviL:
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    Silvermoon City:
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    Kakariko Village Accordion Cover by Jackson Parodi:
    Stage 01:
    Blue Danube:

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