When A Couple Took In This Pregnant Dog, They Never Expected Her Pups To Look Like They Did

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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    John and Katie Black were aware that their foster dog was pregnant when they took her in; they also knew that the birth of her pups was imminent. But perhaps nothing could have prepared them for what they witnessed on the day of delivery. That’s because the litter were definitely dogs with a difference – and their appearance certainly came as a surprise to the couple.

    The Blacks themselves, meanwhile, are a pair of dedicated dog lovers who live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with three pets of their own – Annie, Leroy and Winchester. And since 2009, the Blacks have been offering a foster home for any canines that need one; in that time, in fact, the couple have seen 20 furbabies come in and out of their door.
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    Furthermore, the Blacks’ love of our four-legged friends even led them to register as foster parents for the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue shelter in their hometown. And while the couple don’t look after animals for recognition, the story of one of their most recent foster dogs from Neuse River has nevertheless been turning heads on social media.

    That dog is Rosie, a golden retriever mix whose previous owners had left her at a local shelter one evening in October 2017. And not only was the now homeless Rosie pregnant, but she was also very close to dropping her litter. So close, in fact, that the facility’s manager feared that the expectant mom would give birth while under shelter care.


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  • bobloblaw4life
    bobloblaw4life 6 hours ago

    She got blacked

  • olivia rivera
    olivia rivera 3 days ago

    Too cute...

  • Amy Boyd
    Amy Boyd 3 days ago

    I love all the people harping “it’s got to be border collie” because of the markings. Border collies bear a mantle or flash pattern and these puppies are all piebald. The random pictures they keep tossing in are not of the puppies. One of the comments said they had them tested and dad is an American foxhound. When the actual puppies are shown you can see where this is more likely

  • Makenzie Brown
    Makenzie Brown 6 days ago

    How does that happen? Those are like border collie puppies. They look nothing like a golden retriever

    LOBO LOCO 6 days ago

    God bless that good couple, there's still good people in this world, you will get your rewards later very big rewards

  • Jimmie Owens
    Jimmie Owens 6 days ago

    Is her baby daddy) 🐕 BLK or white lol

  • Ms7of8
    Ms7of8 7 days ago

    This video was extremely confusing. They kept showing dogs not related to the mother and puppies in question. Near the end, they show four dogs in one still, which are definitely border collie (mixes), but I don't believe they were the actual puppies featured in the video. The puppies the young man is holding, look like they have beagle in them. IDK.

  • reklawj9
    reklawj9 8 days ago

    the dogs shown at the end are not the white puppies splashed with color at the beginning

  • Theresa George
    Theresa George 9 days ago

    Aaaahhh! So so sweet 💋❤

  • BreAnna Lastname
    BreAnna Lastname 9 days ago

    For all y’all saying they look like border collies... y’all are retarded

  • Kyla Schwark
    Kyla Schwark 9 days ago

    adorable! my dog is about to have puppies but we found her in the woods soooooo...we dont know what they will look like!!

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton 10 days ago

    Dalmatian dad?

  • Glenn Harris
    Glenn Harris 11 days ago

    Maury could help her find out who the daddy is.

    VICKI HOFFMAN 11 days ago


  • Jackie Nusz
    Jackie Nusz 11 days ago

    ACDs are all born white and then change color as they grow. If the mom has ACD the pups could be white.

  • LiseLotte Divelli
    LiseLotte Divelli 11 days ago

    Narrating goes on and on and on....

  • neonia hazelwood
    neonia hazelwood 12 days ago

    They are BEAUTIFUL!

  • Lulu Saintly
    Lulu Saintly 12 days ago

    Dad's a border collie, obviously.

  • Wanda Vivas
    Wanda Vivas 12 days ago

    Ok we have to get her to the Maury Show!!!😄😄😝😝🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  • Angela van Es
    Angela van Es 12 days ago

    Darling puppies and a precious mom.