Harry Potter Actors Share Their Favorite Lines From The Movies

  • Published on:  5/29/2021
  • These Iconic Harry Potter Moments Were Also The Cast's Most Memorable Lines!

    What’s your favorite line from the Harry Potter series? The cast has plenty of memorable quotes to choose from and they’ve revealed their absolute favorites. Do you think your favorite words from the Wizarding World will match up with your favorite actor’s?

    Emma Watson’s favorite line is a Hermione Granger classic that shows off the character’s wits and obsession with learning. Rupert Grint and Tom Felton’s favorites are more like character catchphrases, while Daniel Radcliffe had trouble choosing just one of Harry’s lines and instead chose a moment from his favorite film. Think you can guess which lines these actors liked best?

    Some cast members are constantly told to repeat their best lines by fans, like Warwick Davis who is often asked to recite one of Professor Flitwick’s most memorable spells. Julie Walters, who plays Molly Weasley, is most fond of one protective motherly moment, and the Phelps twins are of course fans of the Weasley twins’ most “mischievous” lines. Bonnie Wright’s favorite line was actually her very first, while Alan Rickman loved his last lines the most. From Matthew Lewis’s favorite line which best captures Neville’s bad luck to Ralph Fiennes best moments as Lord Voldemort and Evanna Lynch’s most classic Luna Lovegood lines, the Harry Potter actors had trouble narrowing everything down to just one. They confessed improvised lines, lines that were cut from the films, and the most powerful lines that made them emotional. Here’s everything the cast revealed about the Harry Potter lines they’ll never forget.

    00:00 Intro
    00:26 Emma Watson - Hermione Granger
    00:47 Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley
    01:06 Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter
    01:19 Tom Felton - Draco Malfoy
    01:50 Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood
    02:17 Bonnie Wright - Ginny Weasley
    02:43 Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom
    02:58 Alan Rickman - Severus Snape
    03:30 James and Oliver Phelps - Fred and George Weasley
    04:04 David Thewlis - Remus Lupin
    04:24 Ralph Fiennes - Voldemort
    04:39 Julie Walters - Molly Weasley
    04:54 Michael Gambon - Albus Dumbledore
    05:17 Robbie Coltrane - Hagrid
    05:41 Natalia Tena - Nymphadora Tonks
    06:00 Helen McCrory - Narcissa Malfoy
    06:17 Warwick Davis - Professor Flitwick
    06:51 Jason Isaacs - Lucius Malfoy
    07:17 Domhnall Gleeson - Bill Weasley
    07:26 Nick Moran - Scabior
    07:45 Helena Bonham Carter

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