The Ultimate Taiwanese Street Food Tour - Jiufen and Keelung City Night Market, Taiwan (Day 10)

  • Published on:  8/18/2015
  • Taiwan street food is exciting and delicious. Enjoy this Taiwanese street food day trip tour!►Get more Taiwanese street food in my Taipei guide:►Subscribe to my videos: Day 10 in Taipei, Taiwan, Ying and I decided to take a day trip to Jiufen (of Jiu Fen) and on to Keelung City and have a day of eating Taiwanese street food. I’m extremely happy we had a chance to briefly visit both Jiufen and Keelung City. I’ll just quickly go over where and how we went from Taipei to Jiufen and then on to Keelung City using timecodes so you can come back to a location in the video easily if you want to.0:38 How to Get from Taipei to Jiufen by BusUsing the directly I read off Wikipedia travel guide, we took the Taipei Metro to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, then took exit 1 (Andong Street) and made an immediate u-turn, walked to the intersection and made a left, and then the bus stop was right there on the right hand side. We somehow arrived to the bus stop right as 1062 arrived and if Taiwan couldn’t make things any more easy and efficient we boarded the bus using our easy cards. The bus ride from Taipei central there to the small town of Jiufen took just over 1 hour, and we soon arrived in the touristy, but very beautiful and pleasant town of Jiufen - which is one of the biggest little tourist towns in Taiwan. You can choose to take a day trip to Jiufen from Taipei like we did, or you can even spend the night or a few nights there.2:45 Taiwanese street food at JiufenJiufen is a small little mountain town in Taiwan about 1 hour from Taipei with a great view of the ocean… and it’s turned into a major tourism destination. Although you can go there to do some shopping and buy some souvenirs, by far the main reason to go to Jiufen on a day trip is to eat as much Taiwanese street food and snacks as you can - and also there are plenty of sit-down restaurant you can eat at as well. Ying and I started our day of eating Taiwan street food by eating a plate of snails and a plate of grilled squid, both of which had quite a similar texture, and the flavor was delicious. After the snails and squid, I couldn’t resist having a Taiwanese tea egg, one of the most popular snacks. After walking around and taking loads of photos of the picturesque scenes around Jiufen, Ying and I stopped at a real restaurant to take a little break, cool down from the hot sun, and eat some more food - this time at a real restaurant. I tried a dish called three cup chicken, which was deliciously comforting. Another very famous food to eat in Jiufen is the sweet taro balls, which was pretty good. 12:24 How to get from Jiufen to Keelung City on Bus #788After spending a few hours wandering around Jiufen, we took the bus from just up the road directly to Keelung City, one of the harbour towns in Taiwan, and about a 45 minute drive from Jiufen. The reason we wanted to go to Keelung City was to go to Keelung Miaokou Night Market, one of the most famous Taiwanese street food markets in Taiwan.13:35 Street food at Keelung Miaokou Night MarketOne of the most well known night markets in Taiwan is Keelung Miaokou Night Market, located right in Keelung City, and home to an abundance of delicious things to eat. I was actually still quite full from all the food we had already eaten in Jiufen, but I did manage to try a few things at the night market, and also I just really enjoyed the ambiance and atmosphere of the market. Ying and I luckily got a table and chairs at a small street food stall serving long finger sized dumplings, which were similar to gyoza. They were filled with minced pork and lots of green onions. Along with a plate of pickled cucumbers, and a plate of tofu, they were some of the best potsticker style dumplings I had on my entire trip to Taiwan. I also tried crab soup, and a famous street food called a Nutritious Sandwich.Day 10 in Taiwan, and eating all sorts of Taiwanese street food snacks in both Jiufen and Keelung City was an excellent day trip.Music in this video is from Audio NetworkTimothy’s Channel: video was produced by Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens, for more information about us, check out our blogs: & & migrationologyMake a donation: I use: Travel Guides: my Taipei Travel Guide for more tips about visiting Taipei:


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