Come with me to a swim meet

  • Published on:  3/10/2019
  • JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: you are in your kitchen. You want to get a glass of water, so you grab a cup, and open your freezer. You take out your ice tray, and dump a few pieces of ice intro your cup, but a singular piece of ice falls over the side of your cup and plugs to the floor. Since there was no one else in the kitchen, you kick the piece of ice under the freezer and get on with your life.But what happened to that piece of ice?You may think it melted and evaporated, but it indeed did not. That ice cube started a cult sub-freezer. Once it was able to create a portal to another dimension, it found more of its kind and is currently planning an attack. But don’t tell them I told you. Instagram: you want to translate the video: sub count: 1, 947, 158With love,Jeorge Clooney


  • lalalauren
    lalalauren 3 months ago+5787

    For other curious American swimmers: her 200 free was a 2:01 converted and the 100 was a 56 converted :)

  • Sammy P.
    Sammy P. 4 months ago+13990

    She can paint
    She can swim
    She can workout
    She has a big vocabulary

  • wgdhtdje hdyehddufu
    wgdhtdje hdyehddufu 1 months ago+2112

    she can paint
    she can swim
    she’s actually in shape
    she’s pretty darn smart
    and she’s rad
    i- i wanna be john cena

  • this is a temporary name
    this is a temporary name 1 months ago+962

    For the girl who managed to recover from the solar flare that was her fever:
    I don't know how you did it, keep up the good work, champ.

  • ѕσρнια'ѕ_ѕσαρ
    ѕσρнια'ѕ_ѕσαρ 1 months ago+1134

    Joana Ceddia:
    •Cuteee 🖤
    •Smart and can swim
    •Has cute bedroom
    •Eats Healthy
    •Parents support her
    •Good sense of humor

  • ElacticVixia
    ElacticVixia 7 days ago+179

    John Cena: “The mitochondria is NOT the power house of the cell...I AM!”
    You made my freaking day

  • 2! 3!
    2! 3! 4 months ago+6864

    Okay where should I start..
    Joana is actually perfect cause I mean.. she’s athletic, artistic, no doubt she’s well educated and she has a great personality.
    + all the other kind things people have replied under
    my comment, I cbf typing them all but I can’t lie when I say how amazing she is :))

  • Leah and Gabrielle
    Leah and Gabrielle 7 days ago+37

    "and don't you dare attack me for eating it with a spork and foon " - John Cena, 2019

  • Lolling Bookworm
    Lolling Bookworm 1 months ago+207

    I swim and this video gives me anxiety because swim meets are a DIFFERENT KIND OF HELL

  • Deku_is_best_boi
    Deku_is_best_boi 14 days ago+222

    Non swimmers don’t understand the pain of putting on a tech suit 😭 😭
    Edit: sorry that sounded mean 😬 😂

  • Danielle George
    Danielle George 14 days ago+145

    The joy of being a competitive swimmer, we love and we hate it.

  • Chantelle Thierry
    Chantelle Thierry 5 months ago+1418

    The spicy crocs were just too intimidating for the salty eyes of others
    Omg ty for the likes and the heart ahhh

  • Grace
    Grace 7 days ago+38

    she protect
    she attack
    but most importantly
    she got her nerf guns in the back

  • ew wts you suck
    ew wts you suck 5 days ago+21

    Emma chamberlain: I'm the funniest YouTuber
    Joanna Ceddia : hold my Swimming goggles

  • abagail ogorzolka
    abagail ogorzolka 14 days ago+55

    "No joke they taste like earwax.DONT ASK WHY I KNOW WHAT THAT TASTES LIKE" 😂😂😂

  • Insta Fruit
    Insta Fruit 14 days ago+77

    3:41 The most relatable thing I had ever heard😂
    Nevermind, this whole video is relatable....
    Hello fellow swimmers out there😅

  • katrina
    katrina 5 months ago+904

    my legs were as hairless as the devil’s bald head 💀

  • Ashley :3 Sushi :3
    Ashley :3 Sushi :3 21 days ago+77

    America: guns?
    Joana: NERF GUNS!

  • Lps RoseProductions
    Lps RoseProductions 6 days ago+4

    John Cena(Joana):
    •good swimmer
    •good painter
    •has good content
    •amazing in general
    •down to earth
    And probably the best human alive

  • Andy Holmes
    Andy Holmes 21 days ago+71

    I’m a swimmer and this video is 100% accurate