I stole his car.. then surprised him with his DREAM SUPER CAR!!



  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  2 months ago+3075

    The prank was a fail... But that made the surprise even better ;) LET'S SEE HOW MANY LIKES WE CAN GET ON THIS VIDEO!!

  • Gaming is my game
    Gaming is my game 18 minutes ago

    My dream car is a silver Lambo

  • Mathew D'Souza
    Mathew D'Souza an hour ago


  • Bineyam Dagne
    Bineyam Dagne 19 hours ago+1

    That's not my dream car but my dream car is black

  • i _Fortnite
    i _Fortnite 23 hours ago

    my dream car is a Lamborghini aventador in orenge but my parents doesent got money for a car we now have a audi a6 from 1998 😪

  • Junmark Jagonase
    Junmark Jagonase 23 hours ago

    me with my sister love Lamborghini and Ferrari because there a Ferrari always pass on our street in the Philippines...

  • Camara Yunisa
    Camara Yunisa yesterday


  • Mine Play
    Mine Play yesterday

    My dream car is Lamborghini Hurricane.........

  • Pika Char
    Pika Char yesterday

    More Videos of Kinds like these are really much better than other things, ilove your videos man Hope you Visit the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Andiswa Gwadleka
    Andiswa Gwadleka yesterday

    No he can't buy for him that's to much ppl

  • leo delgado
    leo delgado yesterday

    yes it is

  • Abdou ameur
    Abdou ameur 2 days ago

    This is your car 😀 naah
    I rent it 😐😐😊 ok

  • Nikhil Sonowal
    Nikhil Sonowal 2 days ago

    I love it bro you are great

  • Razaah Boo
    Razaah Boo 2 days ago

    That is my dream car

  • Shadow_ Dragon
    Shadow_ Dragon 2 days ago

    My dream car ferrari 488 spider

  • Erick Tan
    Erick Tan 2 days ago


  • zac Longmuir
    zac Longmuir 2 days ago+3

    would of been so cool if he bought it!!!!

  • Agnivesh Sen
    Agnivesh Sen 2 days ago

    Actually my dream supercar's a Porsche 918 spyder(ultimate) and luckily i own a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and I love Porsches, they are just so damn sexy (atleast to me). Put up a like 👍 if you agree Porsches are indeed hot!!

  • Vasquez Family Gone Wild

    That's my dream car

  • Diamond_gmr Diamond_gmr

    Mine is 2012 Nissan GT-R