I Tried 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

  • Published on:  3/30/2019
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  4 months ago+12282

    EDIT: don’t actually do the baking soda mask. bad idea. but DEFINITELY SMASH LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE WITH POST NOTIES!!!

  • brontosaurus the egg
    brontosaurus the egg 4 months ago+11981

    “i couldn’t find the baking soda, and then i found the baking soda ”
    -ryan trahan 2019

  • Christine N
    Christine N 1 months ago+1118

    Him: Uses ink
    Also him: “Why doesn’t it work?!”

  • Blue-Kun
    Blue-Kun 21 days ago+451

    "I feel craftier than some Mac' And Cheese."
    -Ryan Trahan
    Inspiration Intensifies

  • Ashanti Butler
    Ashanti Butler 28 days ago+187

    This is how many times he said "at this point".

  • Priscila Crisanto
    Priscila Crisanto 21 days ago+144

    I tried The first hack .....
    Don't try this it will burn your taste buds!! Like me!

  • Leah
    Leah 4 months ago+10207

    this is just fifteen minutes of Ryan not knowing what fabric paint is.

  • Lil Maddie
    Lil Maddie 21 days ago+165

    Here is a hack for everyone:
    Put gogurt in fridge then result is frozen yogurt pop :)
    Edit: freezer not fridge

  • AwesomeHero
    AwesomeHero 1 months ago+204

    S(hes )
    Sbren Sbeve

  • Teresa Crnkovich
    Teresa Crnkovich 14 days ago+59

    you should react to troom troom they are VERY reactable....

  • Leyla Collantes
    Leyla Collantes 1 months ago+197

    ME: watches video
    wants to try it
    gets to lazy
    but keeps watching
    (Omg 92 likes thanks i feel FAMouS lol 😂)

  • lotteliekeboer
    lotteliekeboer 4 months ago+6077

    5-min crafts: puts acrylic paint on cardboard
    ryan: puts fabric dye on foam

  • EveyXx Lovely
    EveyXx Lovely 1 months ago+67

    Me: I love this guy
    Ryan: im feeling cRaFtIeR than mac n cheese
    Me: I love this guy

  • Wise Oracle
    Wise Oracle 1 months ago+116

    When the closest thing to suspenders that you own is an iPhone charger cable... You know it's the 21st century 😂

  • Poop Person
    Poop Person 21 days ago+76

    Friend: where did you go today?
    Me: oh I went to the grocery store and I picked up a bag with a hole already in it. Then i took off my pants to carry to groceries. Recommend it!
    Friend: ok?

  • Isabella Howat
    Isabella Howat 2 days ago+7

    “It looks like a bottle of wine threw up on me” 😂😂😂 dead

  • Kendall Gardner
    Kendall Gardner 4 months ago+4236

    “I’m feelin craftier than mac and cheese”
    -Ryan Trahan

  • Marcia Mesquita
    Marcia Mesquita 3 days ago+14

    First craft:
    Me: How about brushing your teeth? xD
    Second craft:
    5-minute crafts: No... Better brushing our noses...

  • Armory Ribbons
    Armory Ribbons 14 days ago+33

    My asian genes gave me the clearest skin in the world.
    No liquid baking soda for me!

  • Serien Issa
    Serien Issa 6 days ago+11

    Him: “your doing a mask today!"
    Me:*wakes up mom* “where’s the baking soda”?