• Published on:  8/11/2019
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  • Mademoiselle Boily
    Mademoiselle Boily 7 days ago+6986

    Use me as a « Colleen is slaying the short hair » button

  • Liv Yeye
    Liv Yeye 7 days ago+192

    So so far, Colleen has slayed, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, beach curls, bangs, and now short hair? What can’t she slay?

  • The Randomater
    The Randomater 2 days ago+41

    Colleen: (shoulder-length hair) Oh my god, it's so short!
    Me: (in the middle of shaving my head) wut
    By the way, I love you Colleen! I love that hairstyle!

  • Katie Phetteplace
    Katie Phetteplace 6 days ago+132

    IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! You are SO cute with shoulder length hair omg. It works. I LOVE IT!!

  • charleigh
    charleigh 3 days ago+44

    She looks beautiful with long hair,
    Beautiful with short hair,
    And beautiful in any way

  • Audrey F
    Audrey F 7 days ago+466

    I don't get why she likes her long way better?! I actually like the short hair even more

  • Zahara Lane
    Zahara Lane yesterday+13

    Omggg u actually no joke look stunning with both and ur totally rocking the short hair 🤩

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago+5

    Honestly I think you look better with short hair
    Have fun with your show!

  • Evie Morris
    Evie Morris yesterday+4

    You look gorgeous no matter what your hair looks like Colleen
    Hates back off

  • Liana Gao
    Liana Gao 5 days ago+12

    I watch other people chop off their hair, and I’m like “I could totally do that...” (I have really long hair).
    And then I’m like nAh B.
    I’m just gonna leave that here.

  • Raha Yaghmai
    Raha Yaghmai 7 days ago+384

    This is how many ppl think her new hair looks great!

  • Zninja 1162
    Zninja 1162 6 days ago+70

    OMG I love it!!! It frames your face, it's cute, and I personally just love short hair! I love it! ❤💇‍♀️

  • Mahin Kaab
    Mahin Kaab 5 days ago+45

    I honestly think it’s really cute not because you told us to say that because it’s true

  • Rachel Schumacher
    Rachel Schumacher 3 days ago+6

    I doubt Colleen will ever see this comment, but GIRL your hair is beautiful! Long hair looks amazing on you, but seriously, this is a great look too! Good luck on Broadway 💯

  • Violet Hallam
    Violet Hallam 6 days ago+28

    No joke it a actually looks super cute I mean you look cute with anything!
    But seriously how can you rock everything?! I wish I could rock that stuff!
    Anyways Colleen I cut my hair kinda that short after I have super long hair but I cute almost 7 inches off it just kept getting in my face and my hair was always in nots and stuff so after my holiday at the beach for a week I cut it because it was soo long and it got annoying but I regret it now because I learnt how to Dutch braid I mean I can still do it with my hair now it’s just not as long so yeah but your hair looks SUPER CUTE like that!🥰👍🏻💕😗

  • Chandlerbean
    Chandlerbean 7 days ago+365

    “Obviously we didn’t style it.”
    That’s your hair unstyled???? You look like a Pantene commercial!!!

  • Caroline Pixie
    Caroline Pixie 2 days ago+4

    I think she looks great with short hair 💇🏽‍♀️

  • allie jackson
    allie jackson 14 hours ago+1

    OMG you look so amazing with short hair I thought I was going to have to lie to you and say its pretty but it auctually is really beautiful omg I love it you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hafcha Bibi
    Hafcha Bibi 17 hours ago+1

    You will rock short hair you go well with everything else so why not short hair I bet your gonna look amazing

  • Megan Bester
    Megan Bester 16 hours ago+1

    I colour my hair and still very short I can I like you and I think you look beautiful for real who are all those people who doesn’t think you look pretty do you don’t know what you’re thinking 💭