Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTron

  • Published on:  4/15/2019
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  • JonTronShow
    JonTronShow  4 months ago+13157

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  • Cat Lamp
    Cat Lamp 4 months ago+11079

    Is this.... five JonTron videos in one year?! Incredible

  • Riku 70X
    Riku 70X 2 months ago+1141

    He did a bit about the hunchback of notre dame.
    This video was posted on the exact same day notre dame burned down. Jon is a prophet.

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 2 months ago+1226

    No other youtuber has production quality to match Jon's... Especially for just 5 second joke segments. Fantastic

  • Joy Puke
    Joy Puke 2 months ago+610

    "soulja boy didn't even send me my thing"

  • Silas
    Silas 2 months ago+157

    16:25 I love how the background keeps getting more obscure.

  • Quirkaypay
    Quirkaypay 3 months ago+6636

    His production quality for just one joke is outrageously impressive.

  • M3L0619
    M3L0619 2 months ago+496

    *Dr. Ho jumps out of tree

  • E-Fam Animates
    E-Fam Animates 2 months ago+272

    Dude his production value is amazing like he’s getting the actual people he watches to make cameos.

  • Mitty Commits Pizza Time
    Mitty Commits Pizza Time 2 months ago+170

    Jontron: Buys a Medieval Torture device and turns Dr Ho’s relief products into a James Bond parody
    God, I love this guy.

  • Nicholas Challenger
    Nicholas Challenger 1 months ago+79

    Jon Tron: Makes Notre Dame joke
    Universe: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • Safir
    Safir 4 months ago+3596

    Is nobody gonna mention that Jontron got ahold of a torture device

  • King Awesome
    King Awesome 2 months ago+135

    They could get a hold of a real torture device, but had to Photoshop in a freaking abacus

  • Demgphi x
    Demgphi x 3 months ago+302

    "The Gent of Tess" Why was this so funny 😆😂🤣

  • zoom078 Hex078
    zoom078 Hex078 3 months ago+218

    "The most immersive RPG experience you'll find on a smartphone anywhere"
    Soldier walks into a blade

  • Sean Spicer
    Sean Spicer 3 months ago+102

    Saying you can still breath while using it is on the same level as when toilet papers main selling point for a while was that it was "splinter free"

  • SoulEvans6547
    SoulEvans6547 4 months ago+4441

    My man making hunchback jokes the day Notre Dame burns down lol

  • 1r5Drooodle
    1r5Drooodle yesterday+4

    01:50 - We fire the whole bullet. That's 65% more bullet per bullet.

  • v1nc-alpha
    v1nc-alpha 28 days ago+18

    The Gent of Tess
    A mysterious renaissance painting depicting either the Lincolnshirian Duke of Tess. or whatever the hell Dr. Ho was trying to say

  • sal vulcono
    sal vulcono 2 months ago+78

    "That man might be dead"