CTR Nitro Fueled - Developer Time Trial #14: Blizzard Bluff (1:11:47)

  • Published on:  4/3/2020
  • This is more annoying than hard. You have to do all three shortcuts and the fence is one I always sucked at. After some practice, I can make the jump most of the time, but doing it perfectly without losing speed is a whole different story and I can only do that about half the time. You don't have to, though, as even the infamous Willam P. messes up on the third lap. I also can't do the first shortcut perfectly and even the best players will mess up the river jump now and then, but I still ended up beating him by nearly three seconds. Maybe one day I'll get below 1:10 here.

    Tropy: 1:37:23
    Oxide: 1:28:19
    Velo: 1:24:71
    Developer: 1:14:07
    My time: 1:11:47
    World record: 1:07:46