This... is... GRAYSTRIPE! :D

  • Published on:  3/15/2012
  • Oh my Starclan! (again) 10,000 views! XD I didn't expect that much! thank you very much! ^^ thank for all like and comment!

    This is why you can't let me get really bored. This thing will happen! D:
    I done this is 2 days. I really have nothing to do when I got bored of watching transformers armada yesterday. so... I do this thing XD

    I hate this Cat style :( It's... lame D: I haven't learn cat anatomy yet. but I'll find my style soon ^^

    I don't want serious comment here. Just enjoy and have fun ^^

    Warriors @ Erin hunter
    Art@animation @ me

    1. this is graysripe
    1.1 this is sparta

    2. Brokenstar and raggedstar
    2.1 Transformers G1 ( starscream )
    2.2 Transformers animated ( starscream )

    3. Doctor of doom
    3.1 Transformers Prime - Stronger faster

    4. Graystripe Catch Pikachu
    4. random Pokemon episode, maybe D:

    5. Longtail brings his sexy back
    5.1 I'm bringing sexy back ( song )

    6. Ashfur and squirrelflight
    6.1 I kiss a squirrel

    7. Hufflepuff
    7.1 Transformers animated ( What is that thing!? )
    7.2 Harry potter and the soccerer stone
    7.3 harry potter the musical

    8. Harry potter puppet pal