PERFECT SIZE TRAVEL TRAILER for a 1/2ton pickup!

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • ntrprize
    ntrprize 18 days ago

    I know you are more into the big toys, but what is your opinion on a small travel trailer with one of the new ford rangers? Spec wise it fits but what about real life? I’m thinking along the lines of 16 to 18 foot. Around 3500lbs dry.

  • patrick lane
    patrick lane 1 months ago

    I agree with the advice in general, specifically in regards to the affects of surface area on handling. I think everyone has seen that guy pulling a 30'plus multi-slide RV with a 1/2 ton and you can tell it is far exceeding what should be considered safe.
    That being said, I'd err on the side of saying this video is a little too conservative in terms of the maximum recommended size.
    In particular, the trailer is repeatedly referred to as a 6,000 lb camper.
    The camper has a dry weight of 3,794 lbs and a cargo capacity of 2,184. It's safe to say the dry weight is underestimated, but even if you assume 10%, that adds an additional 379 pounds.
    2,184-379(assumed options/propane)-300lbs (water) leaves you with 1,500 pounds of cargo.
    You'd have to try pretty hard to get 1,500 pounds of cargo in a camper this size.

  • Chris Olbrycht
    Chris Olbrycht 1 months ago

    Can I tow this unit with Chev Colorado witch has 7000 towing capacity.

  • Martin Sage
    Martin Sage 1 months ago

    That ain't my 85 Toyota 🤣

  • Lauren jackson
    Lauren jackson 1 months ago

    these things you make is awesome

  • CanadianKelsey
    CanadianKelsey 2 months ago

    Wow! ❤️ Great Vlog!

  • Photo Quintessence
    Photo Quintessence 2 months ago

    Great Video 👍🏿 What makes you travel?

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 2 months ago

    That thing has barely enough power to get itself off the line

  • Y&S FOOD!
    Y&S FOOD! 2 months ago

    Brilliant video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we like to discover such type of content. We produce Travel & Food video as well, throughout the world, and also we are habitually seeking inspirations and vision. Thank You.

  • John Aguilar
    John Aguilar 2 months ago+1

    Nicely done!!!! You will be seeing me

  • efox2001
    efox2001 2 months ago+1

    Love your videos! Can you show a fifth wheel that could be towed by a 1/2 ton?

  • Joe D
    Joe D 2 months ago

    I have the smaller Apex Nano, sorry to say the quality of the build is lacking. Sometimes I think it was put together after a night of serious drinking! A lot of missing fasteners, snapped screws, hanging wires, and contact paper. Window above bed look nice but would be nicer if it opened. We pull it with a Chevy Colorado which handles it ok since the trailer is pretty light.

  • G R
    G R 2 months ago+1

    I agree with your weight assessment. Our trailer is about the same size & weight pulled by a Ram 1500 and while it could pull more its a comfortable weight.

  • Mustang .308
    Mustang .308 2 months ago

    EXTRA TALL??? LMAO!!!!!! I am 6'6" tall, and I have NEVER seen or been in a tounge hitch travel trailer, that I could stand up in..... THEY DO NOT EXIST.......... 🤔

  • Axel Croat
    Axel Croat 2 months ago

    Hey, we have that Apex Nano, but the smaller version lol! I do like coachmen very nice brand, are’s is a 2016 and we keep it at a campsite on Mille Lacs lake (MN)

  • anthony brunk
    anthony brunk 2 months ago

    A lot of people not fuller thinking thing this thru . Will these half tons pull more than rated yes won't argue that. Say you get in an at fault accident . Depending on state or cops mood they weigh your pile of wreckage ends up over gcvr whoops your screwed extra fines insurance won't pay etc. Better a few pounds safe than sorry.

  • Bear Russell
    Bear Russell 2 months ago

    A guy that wants to test his towing capability should drive over TETON PASS with his camper and see how he feels afterwards.

  • rymaal
    rymaal 2 months ago+1

    is this an Ad for this particular coach? I would recommend the Rockwood Mini Lite, 5000 pounds dry and amazing amenities, plus a giant window over the bed as well.

  • kirbymcd1
    kirbymcd1 2 months ago+1

    I've only watched a few videos but I'm finding them very useful. After reading through some of the comments you may consider doing a video on the little yellow sticker on the drivers door if you haven't already. Our new Ram 1500 is "rated" for 1800# payload but I only have 1524# after factory accessories and fuel. We'd kicked around 5th wheels but I'd need to loose 30# just to stay under GVWR with a 1300# pin weight. Settled on a 26BH (31') just shy of 6k dry but like you said TT have lots of surface area and wind resistance = wind speed x area^2.

  • Fotostrasse
    Fotostrasse 2 months ago

    cool video!