Paladin 400++ Reflect Damage - Most OP Weapon - Classic WoW

  • Published on:  7/1/2020
  • EDIT: It's 35% UPTIME, not PROC!
    EDIT: LyadinDima found a way to solo it -

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    OK this one is a juicy one! I haven't really seen a lot of people talking about Flame Wrath, which is one of, if not THE most OP weapon for Paladins in Classic WoW for anything other than PvE as ret or holy. Basically you can do 400++ reflect damage on every single hit, and global lots of people!
    Flame Wrath's proc gives you a fire shield that does this reflect damage and it scales 1-1 with spell power, so it can easily do 400++ damage, and you can make it do more than 700 with full spellpower gear and Zandarian trinket! It's just insanely OP and I'm going to do a few videos on it soon!

    I've got even more wilds ideas coming soon, so stay posted!

    0:00 - Intro
    1:50 - Rogue Deletion
    2:04 - Run start