The Mysterious Disappearance of Roanoke Colony

  • Published on:  11/24/2017
  • We tackle the oldest mystery in US history
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    Old Sailing Ships Doodles Set
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    World map vector illustration isolated on white background
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    Colonial America
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    Arrows, ribbons, Indian elements, Aztec borders and embellishments
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    Food & Drink Icons
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    Vector set of tool icons on white background
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    Illustration Depicting the Baptism of Virginia Dare
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    The Armada
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    North Carolina
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    Roanoke Island, North Carolina
    Fotosearch / Stringer/Getty Images
    An Indian Village At Roanoke
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    Sir Francis Drake
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    Murder of White's assistant, c1580s (c1880).
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    Tombs stone grave vector construction black and white icons
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    Pilgrims and Indians
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    Silhouettes of Archaeologists on a Archaeological site
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    Welsh slate, close up.
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    Pottery shards
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    Copper pipe
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    Map of 1590 engraved by Theodore de Bry after watercolour by the English colonist John White, governor of Roanoke. Virginia and coast with small islands and Roanoke at mouth of river. Secotan and Weapemeoc native lands.
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    Blurred people walking at night
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    Prof Stager At Leon Levy Dig
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    Silhouette Vector zombie walking.
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    Full Frame Shot Of Cracked Drought Land
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    High Angle View Of Historic Sword And Scabbard
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    Bloodstain Set
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    Puritans embarking for the Colonies
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    Indian Attack
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    English Settlers in America, 1st half 17th century, published 1884
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    Watercolour by John White, Believed to Be Chief Wingina a Roanoke Chieftain;Date: 1585
    Universal History Archive / Contributor/Getty Images
    Computer,laptop with blank screen on table cafe,restaurant
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    Archaeological dig
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    Underground safety gear
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    Bulldozer working in quarry
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    English immigrants in the time William Penn's in America
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    19th century illustration of forest at Virginia
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    Spooky silhouette of woman with hands pressed against glass window
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    Folder with document
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    Doctor reviewing x-ray
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    Skull and Crossbones
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    Milk. Bottle
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    Extraterrestrial Life
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    Hand in blood
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    Stages in the calumet (sacred pipe) ceremony
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    Archeologist working on site, hand and tool
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    Cannibalism by tribe of Tupinamba in Brazil
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    The Pilgrim Fathers embarking on their journey to America
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    British Museum in London

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