12 Fun & Creative Photo Ideas | Instagram Photography Hacks and More DIY Tricks

  • Published on:  10/5/2020
  • Wanna learn to take creative photos? With these simple photography tricks, you will become a Hollywood-level photographer! Learn to use a simple mirror, a magnifying glass, or even a crowd of people to create stunning photoshoots! Get ready to update your Facebook or Instagram profile pictures with these cool photo hacks!

    00:00 A rainbow made up of people
    00:45 Cardboard shadow trick
    01:39 Glass droplets photoshoot
    02:33 Bubble photoshoot
    03:35 Heart shadow photoshoot
    04:20 Fix shaky footage
    05:50 Dog camera trick
    07:00 Underwater photoshoot
    07:34 Girls photoshoot
    08:22 Projector photoshoot
    09:08 Panorama mode
    10:06 Pool photoshoot

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