• Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • Rod JJT 9 months ago

    I'm stuck in Hurricane Florence. I don't care I'm watching Dashie. I'm gonna be running from that hurricane like this...then stop...and probably get blown away...

  • SiMpLy Fiery 9 months ago

    @Rod JJT No problem man 👍✌️👌

  • Miss Dolo 9 months ago

    Be safe

  • sam_frinax sam 9 months ago

    15:41 I want my 5 dollars

  • I’m Bart Simpson 10 2 months ago

    sam_frinax sam 24:25 I’m watching it on Wednesday

  • IGetCalories 9 months ago

    Can we just appreciate that this guy over here records daily and edits everything in these videos!

  • anonymous KYS 2 months ago

    This guy?He's no guy he's a god

  • Truth Hearer 6 months ago

    There are hired professionals for that ;)

  • Wayne Kurr 9 months ago

    Can we all thank David for an actual good level

  • Envy Smoke 1 months ago

    Summm sus shi

  • Envy Smoke  1 months ago

    Yooo rosa what u be watching i looked at yo channel

  • THREEP! Grab a clock get a hammer now smash itCongratulations now is hammer time

  • chilling orange 22 9 months ago

    Help me get 10,000 subscribers with 1 video that’s actually good Yoo 😂

  • Darksyde4227 9 months ago

    THREEP! Go to Dashie's house! Borrow some video games. Congratulations! You now have DashieGames!

  • Erik Vogleman 9 months ago

    Weird Joke

  • Wensley Michel 9 months ago

    Eyyyyyyyy this is number 1!! Loool

  • Cody Martinez 9 months ago

    threepget a watch, put it on your ankle, now you gotta watch where you steppin'! no? okay.

  • Stan Lund 5 months ago

    This one is great. Way underrated.

  • ItsYaGirlJada 9 months ago

    At 6:11 he sound like donkey 😂😂

  • Armen Beezy 9 months ago

    THREEP! Take your arm, set it on fire. CONGRATULATIONS, you now have a firearm.

  • Superstar Yoshi 3 months ago

    Pew pew mudafukas!

  • Boxquack 3 months ago

    @The yorkie Neno why are you here

  • Son of Jesus 9 months ago

    Threep. Take sonic the Hedgehog.Blow him up.Congratulations you now have a Sonic Boom.

  • Love that one

  • Video Maestro 9 months ago

    Son of Jesus LOLOLOL