Most Egotistical YouTuber (YIAY #453)

  • Published on:  11/3/2018
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  • sagiepuff 11 days ago

    2:24 God this aged beautifully

  • Mike Holcomb yesterday

    hiiii sisters

  • Zale Rogers 9 days ago

    sagiepuff they thought 300,000 was a lot. Then we got James Charles with 3,000,00 subscribers lost

  • lil zucc 6 months ago

    0:27 he predicted youtube rewind

  • Nugget 2 days ago

    And James Charles

  • Dasher Vlogs 21 days ago

    Lmao, 150th like.

  • 2:40 hi im from the the future that award for most ads on one video is taken be morgz you welcome.

  • flynn marxsen yesterday

    @yeah found the embryo who plays Roblox, jk I thought I changed it because it was different bon my screen

  • yeah 3 days ago

    @flynn marxsen found the 2 year old who has an mlg pfp

  • 1000 Subs. No Videos. 6 months ago

    0:27 WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

  • Zale Rogers 9 days ago

    What are you taking about. Youtube rewind was amazing.JK that shit was garbage またね

  • 1000 Subs. No Videos. 2 months ago

    The Lord of Cancer, just wait till I get 1k subs. I’ll be filling up that feed so much with all those community posts, your girlfriend would be impressed.

  • MC Cookies 7 months ago

    2:01 Probably “Actually, quantum mechanics forbids this”. That lasted like 6 hours.

  • Dayala Singh 14 days ago

    It's still here so no

  • marlin 5 months ago

    A C T U A L L Y Q U A N T U M M E C H A N I C S F O R B I D S T H I S.

  • 99 Gaming Lives 7 months ago

    The longest living meme-ThanosShortest-January

  • Bora Kızılbudak 3 days ago

    Shortest: boar vessel 600 - 500 bc etruscan ceramic

  • No the longest is the black hole

  • Gareth Aiken 20 minutes ago

    Jacksfilms' deep dab nominated for best fortnight emote

  • #YIAYinf make a 3am challenge with Johnny Johnny yes papa ghost (GONE WRONG) *NOT CLICKBAIT* (GONE SEXUAL) ft my grandma.

  • Sun :3 6 months ago

    Jalal ZYou should add(emotional)

  • Dominic Misciagna 6 months ago

    @MLGSans and arrows

  • Milo Schwartz 7 months ago

    Jack got a hair cut, and now his forehead somehow looks bigger.

  • It'sJustLuna 7 months ago

    yez, the fartnight life isnt fer evry 1 and I perzonaly rezpeked ur oinion

  • Milo Schwartz 7 months ago

    @It'sJustLunaThat's not a bad idea, but sort of an a-hole move. I don't think I'll do it.

  • Damianbrooke clark 7 months ago



  • gp isthebest 4 months ago

    Ah yes, nice classical film. Had over 9 likes. And I totally agree with you.