Buu Saga Update, Hells release date, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Finale, and More! | TFS Update



  • roflcopterkklol 8 months ago

    I remember saying around 2010 "can't wait for the buu saga in 2020" who would have knew i was so right?

  • matacoyo Gaming 4 days ago

    @bdbdbdndnfbfbfb nfbffb ghost fbf hopefully

  • Jonah Page 17 days ago

    BladeX Otherworld Tourney, great saiyaman. Both are technically the buu arc but the events of both don’t play into the buu arc at all, except for introducing videl, goten and trunks I guess?

  • Cayden Pittman 8 months ago

    I almost cried when I found out they were doing a Buu Saga!

  • OneAndOnly Lokey 8 months ago

    I just want more Piccolo, Nail, Kami gags.

  • Owen Korando 19 days ago

    @cody padgett o noice

  • cody padgett 19 days ago

    @Owen Korando can't remember off the top of my head but I think he wanted a different job? All I know is they left in good terms

  • That Guy 8 months ago

    Kai 3;Piccolo: “I’m 3 guys now.”Kami & Nail: “Sup.”

  • NickJayPro 5 months ago

    @Ryan Leadbitter perfect

  • Ryan Leadbitter 5 months ago

    Android 16: I am hilarious and you will quote everything... I... s-Cell: *smashes his head* That’s my line

  • cerberus144 8 months ago

    People asking about Buu saga and I'm like "HELL YEAH OTHERWORLD TOURNAMENT"

  • Norinia 6 months ago

    cerberus144 gotta go in order buddy. But hell yeah i can’t wait for more :)

  • SPAKELDORF 6 months ago

    @Franke Sisto Nothing was better than the Spiderma- er Saiyaman saga.

  • Tyler Thewriter 8 months ago

    Does Krillin get a win counter for the Bojack movie?

  • zeldaed123 7 months ago

    Betcha Krillin's entering the tournament in the movie after finding out 18/Lazuli (seriously, is it gonna be the same as it is in canon or is she gonna be called by her original name before Gero) is pregnant.

  • I support this idea.

  • N-Word Premium Pass 8 months ago

    I'm gonna miss Hellsing abridged when it ends :-:

  • Kyler Malen 7 months ago

    when it ends when tf is the next one out

  • Matt Pachman 7 months ago

    @N-Word Premium Pass watch the full Dbz abriged you'll wanna know the jokes

  • Johnny-san 8 months ago

    Can't wait to see the scene where mr.popo "fights" goten and trunks :)

  • iDatedMyPizza 5 months ago

    I FORGOT ABOUT THAT OMG. He is probably going to have that creepy smile on his face the whole time LOL.

  • jamaine gardner 7 months ago

    @Stefunee Pylant That moment was the entire inspiration for TFS' take on Mr Popo.

  • I swear to god if you don't give buu a voice like the Japanese one that makes him sound like a Russian that's smoked a pack a day for his whole life I will be deeply disappointed.

  • mario shimada 3 months ago

    Imagin buu with a Russian hat and holding vodka

  • mario shimada 3 months ago

    Russian buu sounds funny

  • Azzura The Infernal 8 months ago

    Can’t wait for SSJ3“This is a Super SaiyanAnd this is a Super Duper Saiyan,AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND*voice crackSuper Dee Duper Saiyan”

  • Darwin C 9 days ago

    I read it with Goku's voice haha

  • super Gohan ssj2 2 months ago

    It's super d-twoper saiyan not dee duper saiyan