Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

  • Published on:  12/23/2018
  • Russians eat some crazy foods during the holidays. In this video two Americans will experience a Russian holiday dinner for the first time.

    Gary Guz: @gariksuharik

    Special thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the food.


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    Dressed herring with juice
    Yingko/Getty Images
    Vintage national flag of Russia background
    myistock88/Getty Images

    Gary Cherkassky


  • henundya
    henundya 32 minutes ago

    Can't take my eyes from Eric! Soo good looking!

  • K Lo
    K Lo 6 hours ago

    Growing up I loved all of those except for herring under fur coat but now that I’m grown I’ve developed my taste for it and it’s not bad.

  • Dylan Hardy
    Dylan Hardy 8 hours ago

    Oh yea yea

  • Christopher Damant
    Christopher Damant 9 hours ago

    How to make a Russian holiday food
    Add mayonaisse
    Add potatoes
    Add something pickled

  • Antiseptic Eye
    Antiseptic Eye 11 hours ago+1

    I'm American but it's funny when they say it's salty but like 85 percent of all our foods is salty lmao

  • carlos moguel
    carlos moguel 14 hours ago

    I hate them all so much like every single one I hate more than the next lol with the girl being the worst

  • Faaiz Rehman
    Faaiz Rehman 14 hours ago

    The Russian/American with curly hair reminds me of Ax from Animorphs TV show.

  • Anastasia Havryshchuk
    Anastasia Havryshchuk 18 hours ago

    Russian and Ukrainian and I’m Ukrainian and the only dish that was not popular in Ukraine was the chicken holiday foods are really similar I’ve made home made olivye a bunch of times it is delicious and if you do not like it you are not a real human

  • David Marchenko
    David Marchenko yesterday

    You forgot the shooba!

  • TrueFace
    TrueFace yesterday+1

    In Russia we don’t eat this kind of food every day. It’s too expensive, we make such dishes at holidays mostly :p

  • Annika Slavinska
    Annika Slavinska yesterday

    all of that food looks real good!

  • Russian girl
    Russian girl yesterday

    I love napolion! It's not like American cakes which are crazy sweet and teeth eating.

  • Raquel Covarrubias

    The vegetable salad is exactly the same thing we have in Mexico. My grandma makes it with chicken but we eat it with saltines lol it's bomb

  • Chanthavee Samountry

    Clark is hilarious, cool facials dude!

  • Meg Hodge
    Meg Hodge yesterday

    The American girl is really cute

  • Artem Harb
    Artem Harb yesterday

    This video would start WW3

  • Oksana Sum
    Oksana Sum yesterday

    lol, RED CAVIAR in the Soviet Union Union?! In the movies!!!!? :))) you guys are so wrong! It was only eaten on New Years eve celebration or weddings and such and ONLY if you could actually acquire it, as if you'd had БЛАТ somewhere, which 90% of the population hadn't! :) Besides, you put too much of it on to actually taste good, of course the salt took over all other tastes :)

  • Lydia Efternamn
    Lydia Efternamn yesterday

    I am polish so we have pretty similar cuisine and I love it

  • MC King-Minecraft
    MC King-Minecraft 2 days ago

    So the Russians stole the French cheesecake recipe and named it Napoleon.

  • MC King-Minecraft
    MC King-Minecraft 2 days ago

    It isn't a Russian food if it doesn't have маюнез.